OLAC Access Vocabulary

Date issued:2002-11-19
Status of document:Former Draft Recommendation. This document was withdrawn from the OLAC document process.
Date withdrawn:2003-06-18
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Access is an attribute of the Rights element. It provides a broad classification of the ways in which a resource may be used. Users may have to seek more detailed information about a given resource, if Access = restricted, or if they wish to use the resource in a non-standard fashion. Users are always advised to review the specific policies of the data provider before making use any resource. If the Rights element is absent, no assumptions can be made about the status of these and other rights with respect to the resource.

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Table of contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Access

1. Introduction

The information in the Rights element is intended as a guide for potential users of the resource. Since intellectual property rights laws and customs can be expected to vary widely across countries and within sub-communities, data providers must make individual arrangements concerning the rights that control access to and use of their resources. A controlled vocabulary can only provide a coarse classification of the types of use to which a resource may be put. Details of the rights and restrictions associated with the resource, such as a copyright notice or reference to the specific policies of a data provider, should be specified in the element content.

2. Access

Each term of the controlled vocabulary is described in one of the following subsections. The heading gives the encoded value for the term that is to be used as the value of the Access attribute of the Rights metadata element [OLAC-MS]. Under the heading, the term is described in four ways. Name gives a descriptive label for the term. Definition is a one-line summary of what the term means. Comments offers more details on what the term represents, and may also include examples given to illustrate how the term is meant to be applied.


DefinitionAccess to the resource is restricted.

The specific nature of the restriction is not defined by means of a controlled vocabulary. Data providers should supply a brief description in the Rights element content.

      <rights xsi:type="olac:access" code="restricted">Permission from the depositor is required.</rights> 


DefinitionAccess to the resource is standard.

Standard access means that the resource can be used like any published work (book, article, music cd, etc.); that is, standard laws and policies governing the fair use of the work apply. Such policies generally prohibit wholesale incorporation of the resource into another work or copying and distribution of the resource. They generally allow quotation of small portions of the resource, and summaries, critiques, or analyses, provided that the resource is properly cited.


DefinitionThe resource can be used for any non-profit purpose.

This level is intended to allow broader use of the resource than standard access allows. For example, the resource could be copied and distributed free of charge, for academic purposes, or it could be used to create derivative works, such as transcriptions, for non-profit purposes.


DefinitionThe resource can be used for commercial purposes.

The resource can be freely used for any purpose without explicit permission from the creators or data providers, including copying and distribution for profit, incorporation into commercial products, and the creation of derivative works.

To do

Identify a good expression of standard access that we can cite or link to. What we really need is a repository of such expressions from different countries and sub-disciplines.

Provide a standard for citing resources in an accessible place.


[OLAC-MS]OLAC Metadata Set.