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Title:AMI Corpus - Scenario-based Meeting Media
Bibliographic Citation:Jean Carletta, Simone Ashby, Sebastien Bourban, Mike Flynn, Mael Guillemot, Thomas Hain, Jaroslav Kadlec, Vasilis Karaiskos, Wessel Kraaij, Melissa Kronenthal, Guillaume Lathoud, Mike Lincoln, Agnes Lisowska, Iain McCowan, Wilfried Post, Dennis Reidsma, and Pierre Wellner, "The AMI Meeting Corpus: A Pre-announcement", in Machine Learning for Multimodal Interaction II, edited by S. Renals and S. Bengio, LNCS 3869, Springer-Verlag, Berlin/Heidelberg, 2006, pages 28-39.
Jean Carletta, "Unleashing the killer corpus: experiences in creating the multieverything AMI Meeting Corpus", Language Resources and Evaluation, vol. 41, n. 2, 2007, pages 181-190.
Contributor (annotator):University of Edinburgh
Contributor (author):AMI Consortium
Contributor (editor):Jean Carletta
Contributor (recorder):Idiap Research Institute
University of Edinburgh
TNO (Netherlands Organization for Applied Scientific Research)
Contributor (sponsor):European Union - Framework Programmes 6 and 7
Swiss National Science Foundation - IM2 National Center of Competence in Research
Coverage:Martigny, Switzerland
Edinburgh, Scotland
Delft, The Netherlands
Description:The AMI Meeting Corpus is a multi-modal data set consisting of 100 hours of meeting recordings. This sub-part consists of about two-thirds of the data, elicited using a scenario in which the participants play different roles in a design team, taking a design project from kick-off to completion. This sub-part groups the media files of scenario-based meetings, which have been recorded using synchronised recording devices (close-talking and far-field microphones, individual and room-view video cameras, projection, a whiteboard, individual pens).
The structure of the elicited data distinguishes four phases in the design process, with one meeting per design phase: project kick-off (getting acquainted with each other and the task), functional design (setting the user requirements, the functionalities, and the working design), conceptual design (determining specifications for components, materials, user interface), and detailed design (finalizing the look-and-feel and user interface, evaluating the result).
The IDs of scenario-based meetings in the AMI Corpus take the following form: [EIT]S[1-3]0[0-1][0-9][a-d]. The first character indicates location: E for Edinburgh, I for Idiap, T for TNO. The second character, S, indicates scenario-based meetings. The numbers work in series: 1000 for Idiap, 2000 for Edinburgh, 3000 for TNO. The postfix a/b/c/d indicates the first, second, third or fourth meeting in the scenario.
Description (URI):http://corpus.amiproject.org
Extent:ca. 70 hours
138 meetings
Format (IMT):audio/x-wav
Is Part Of:AMI Meeting Corpus
Language (ISO639):eng
Publisher:AMI Consortium
Rights:This media has been released publicly under the AMI Meeting Corpus license, very similar to the Creative Commons Attribution NonCommercial ShareAlike 2.5 License (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-sa/2.5).
Rights (URI):http://corpus.amiproject.org/documentations/license
Subject:Multi-party meetings
Design project
Remote control
Table Of Contents:ES2002a - ES2002b - ES2002c - ES2002d
ES2003a - ES2003b - ES2003c - ES2003d
ES2004a - ES2004b - ES2004c - ES2004d
ES2005a - ES2005b - ES2005c - ES2005d
ES2006a - ES2006b - ES2006c - ES2006d
ES2007a - ES2007b - ES2007c - ES2007d
ES2008a - ES2008b - ES2008c - ES2008d
ES2009a - ES2009b - ES2009c - ES2009d
ES2010a - ES2010b - ES2010c - ES2010d
ES2011a - ES2011b - ES2011c - ES2011d
ES2012a - ES2012b - ES2012c - ES2012d
ES2013a - ES2013b - ES2013c - ES2013d
ES2014a - ES2014b - ES2014c - ES2014d
ES2015a - ES2015b - ES2015c - ES2015d
ES2016a - ES2016b - ES2016c - ES2016d
IS1000a - IS1000b - IS1000c - IS1000d
IS1001a - IS1001b - IS1001c - IS1001d
IS1002b - IS1002c - IS1002d
IS1003a - IS1003b - IS1003c - IS1003d
IS1004a - IS1004b - IS1004c - IS1004d
IS1005a - IS1005b - IS1005c
IS1006a - IS1006b - IS1006c - IS1006d
IS1007a - IS1007b - IS1007c - IS1007d
IS1008a - IS1008b - IS1008c - IS1008d
IS1009a - IS1009b - IS1009c - IS1009d
TS3003a - TS3003b - TS3003c - TS3003d
TS3004a - TS3004b - TS3004c - TS3004d
TS3005a - TS3005b - TS3005c - TS3005d
TS3006a - TS3006b - TS3006c - TS3006d
TS3007a - TS3007b - TS3007c - TS3007d
TS3008a - TS3008b - TS3008c - TS3008d
TS3009a - TS3009b - TS3009c - TS3009d
TS3010a - TS3010b - TS3010c - TS3010d
TS3011a - TS3011b - TS3011c - TS3011d
TS3012a - TS3012b - TS3012c - TS3012d
Type (DCMI):Sound
Type (Discourse):dialogue


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