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Title:DR listening to CS05_a006_01 and paraphrasing
Jaminjungan and Eastern Ngumpin - A documentation of the linguistic and cultural knowledge of speakers in a multilingual setting in the Victoria River District, Northern Australia
Contributor (researcher):CS
Contributor (speaker):ER
Description:People are discussing lunch and fishing. DR translating what is being said on CS05_a006_01.
This project is funded by the Endangered Languages Programme (DOBES) of the VW Foundation for a period of three years (August 2005-July 2008). The aim of the project is a documentation of the linguistic and cultural knowledge of the remaining speakers of several language varieties belonging to two language groups. The Jaminjungan group consists of Jaminjung and Ngaliwurru (which are closely related) as well as Nungali (now no longer spoken). Languages of the Eastern Ngumpin group are Gurindji, Ngarinyman, Bilinarra, and Mudburra, as well as a mixed language, Gurindji Kriol. These varieties (and in addition English and Kriol, an English-lexified creole), constitute part of a single network of multilingual communicative practice in the region, since their speakers have been in close contact for a long time, and since they now share the same settlements distributed throughout the Victoria River District. One aim of the project therefore is to carefully document variation. The lexical databases are set up to facilitate cross-referencing between the different varieties, for example to identify borrowings and translation equivalents. Focal areas for the text collection are topics such as significant sites, knowledge about plants and animals, and oral history, which are likely to be of particular interest to the speakers and their descendants as well as to linguists, anthropologists, biologists, ecologists, and historians. Two PhD students within the projects focus on the topics of Jaminjung prosody (Candide Simard) and spatial expressions in Ngarinyman (Kristina Henschke), respectively. The project was administered by the University of Graz from August 2005 to March 2007, and by the University of Manchester from April 2007 to July 2008. It is conducted in collaboration with the Diwurruwurru-Jaru Aboriginal Corporation, an Aboriginal Language Centre based in Katherine (N.T.), and includes community members as trainees and co-investigators. The members of the core project team are: Eva Schultze-Berndt (Manchester; project director; Jaminjungan languages and some Ngarinyman), Patrick McConvell (Canberra; Principal Investigator; Ngumpin languages and Gurindji Kriol; anthropology); Felicity Meakins (Melbourne/Manchester; Postdoctoral Fellow; Ngumpin languages and Gurindji Kriol), Kristina Henschke (Graz, PhD student, Ngarinyman); Candide Simard (Manchester, PhD student, Jaminjung/Ngaliwurru). The core project team is supported by Glenn Wightman (Darwin) as ethnobiologist and Alan Marett and Linda Barwick (Sydney) as ethnomusicologists, by Erika Charola (Paris) as a linguistic consultant working on Gurindji, as well as by Nikolaus Himmelmann (Bochum) as and Mark Harvey (Newcastle) as cooperation partners.
People are discussing lunch and fishing. DR translating what is being said on CS05_a006_01. Transcribed.Some prosodic annotations. Elan files available.
Jaminjungan and Eastern Ngumpin
Publisher:Eva Schultze-Berndt
University of Manchester, School of Languages, Linguistics and Cultures
Kriol language
Ngarinman language
English language
Djamindjung language
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Citation: CS (researcher); ER (speaker); DR (speaker); DB (speaker); KH (researcher); CR (speaker). 2005-09-05. Eva Schultze-Berndt.
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