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Description:This is the ESF subcorpus TL French, SL Arabic, subject Zahra, cycle 3, sequence 8
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EPISODE 2,3,4,6,: Interactions with several stall holders on a market 7,8,9,10,11,12, place. 14,15,17,19 2: (Side A / Counter: 016-080) 3: (Side A / Counter: 081-098) 4: (Side A / Counter: 102-211) 6: (Side A / Counter: 290-352) 7: (Side A / Counter: 358-395) 8: (Side A / Counter: 396-403) 9: (Side A / Counter: 405-481) 10: (Side B / Counter: 002-027) 11: (Side B / Counter: 030-104) 12: (Side B / Counter: 108-159) 14: (Side B / Counter: 169-200) 15: (Side B / Counter: 200-225) 17: (Side B / Counter: 248-255) 19: (Side B / Counter: 275-289 / Sanyo TRC 9010) COMMENTS: The investogators and the informant arrive at a market place in marseilles. The informant used to go that market, situated in the town center (although she lives in the suburbs ten kilometers far). At that time she used to have a part time job. since then, she has been doing her shopping, above all on week-ends at the hypermarkets. During the previous interviews (ZK-08/I and ZK-08/II) interactions took place in shops. For this interview it was decided to go to a market place because of the usual way the informant does her shopping: she rarely goes to shops or boutiques - probably from a cultural point of view (markets: Moroccan souks) and from a linguistic one too (in hypermarkets or on the market place, the items are displayed and they can be bought with less verbal interaction.
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Subject:French language
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Citation: investigator 1; investigator 2; investigator 3; subject. 1985-05-11. ESF.
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