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ISO 639-3: aah

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Other known names and dialect names: Abu' Arapesh, Matapau, Ua

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Language descriptions

  1. ONLINE Notebook D6: Selected Research Papers of Don Laycock on Languages in Papua New Guinea: Kwanga=Seim, Southern Arapesh (Abu'), Samo (Bero), Banaro, Wiyaw (Haruai). Don Laycock (compiler). n.d. Pacific And Regional Archive for Digital Sources in Endangered Cultures (PARADISEC). oai:paradisec.org.au:DL2-017

Other resources in the language

  1. ONLINEMiscellaneous papers on Dobu and Arapesh. Loving, Richard; Summer Institute of Linguistics. Papua New Guinea Branch. 1978. Workpapers in Papua New Guinea languages ; v. 25. oai:pacific.library.manoa.hawaii.edu:1362798
  2. ONLINECulture change, language change : case studies from Melanesia. Dutton, Thomas Edward, 1935-. 1992. Pacific linguistics. Series C ; 120. oai:pacific.library.manoa.hawaii.edu:1675390
  3. ONLINEThe boy from Bundaberg : studies in Melanesian linguistics in honour of Tom Dutton. Dutton, Thomas Edward, 1935-; Pawley, Andrew; Ross, Malcolm; Tryon, D. T. (Darrell T.). 2001. Pacific linguistics ; 514. oai:pacific.library.manoa.hawaii.edu:2149766

Other known names and dialect names: Abu' Arapesh, Matapau, Ua

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