Sample Metadata Record

XML format

<dc:title> Resources for Abaga</dc:title>
<dc:contributor xsi:type="olac:role" olac:code="editor">Simon J. Greenhill</dc:contributor>
<dc:date xsi:type="dcterms:W3CDTF">2024-05-05</dc:date>
<dc:description>Vocabulary for Abaga in</dc:description>
<dcterms:extent> entries</dcterms:extent>
<dc:identifier xsi:type="dcterms:URI"></dc:identifier>
<dc:language xsi:type="olac:language" olac:code="eng"/>
<dc:publisher> (</dc:publisher>
<dc:subject xsi:type="olac:language" olac:code="abg">Abaga</dc:subject>
<dc:type xsi:type="dcterms:DCMIType">Text</dc:type>
<dc:type xsi:type="olac:linguistic-type" olac:code="lexicon"/>

Display format

 Title Resources for Abaga
 Contributor (editor)  Simon J. Greenhill
 Date  (W3CDTF)  2024-05-05
 Description  Vocabulary for Abaga in
 Extent  entries
 Identifier (URI)
 Language (ISO639-3)  English [eng]
 Publisher (
 Subject (ISO639-3)  Abaga [abg], Abaga
 Type (DCMI)  Text
 Type (OLAC)  Linguistic type: Lexicon

Metadata quality analysis

OLAC metadata records are scored for metadata quality on a 10-point scale explained in OLAC Metadata Metrics. The score for the above record (along with comments on changes that could improve the score) is as follows:

Component + - Comments
Title   1   0 
Date   1   0 
Agent   1   0 
About   1   0 
Depth   0.5   0.5  For the full score, add at least 3 more elements in addition to the ones counted explicitly in other components of the score.
Content Language   1   0 
Subject Language   1   0 
OLAC Type   1   0 
DCMI Type   1   0 
Precision   1   0 
Quality score  9.5