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C'ek'aedi Hwnax Ahtna Regional Linguistic and Ethnographic Archive

Repository NameC'ek'aedi Hwnax Ahtna Regional Linguistic and Ethnographic Archive
InstitutionAhtna Heritage Foundation
LocationPhysical facility located in the C'ek'aedi Hwnax Ahtna Cultural Center on the campus of the Wrangell-St. Elias National Park just outside of Copper Center, Alaska, USA.
Short LocationCopper Center, Alaska, United States of America
SynopsisC'ek'aedi Hwnax Archive provides digitization, storage, and access to audio and video recordings in or about the Ahtna language, and about Ahtna culture, history, people, and territory. Redundant backup is onsite and at the University of Alaska Fairbanks.
AccessAccess may be requested by contacting the Curator via email or in person at the C'ek'aedi Hwnax facility.
ParticipantsAndrea L. Berez (C'ek'aedi Hwnax Archive Consultant), Karen Linnell (C'ek'aedi Hwnax Archive Project Manager)
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