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Central Institute of Indian Languages: Publications

Repository NameCentral Institute of Indian Languages: Publications
InstitutionCentral Institute of Indian Languages
LocationCentral Institute of Indian Languages Department of Higher Education,Language Bureau Ministry of Human Resource Development Government of India Manasagangothri, Hunsur Road, Mysore 570006
Short LocationMysore, India
SynopsisThe Central Institute of Indian Languages was set up on the 17th July 1969 with a view to assist and co-ordinate the development of Indian Languages. the Institute is charged with the responsibility of serving as a nucleus to gring together all the research and literary output from the various linguistic streams to a common head and narrow the gap between the basic research and developmenta; research in the field of languages and linguistics in India. The Central institute of Indian Languages also runs seven Regional Centres in the various linguistic regions of the country to help and meet the demand for trained teachers to implement the three-language formula and thereby provides assurance to linguistic minorities. This list contains all the publications brought out by the institute up to December 2008, which are for sale.
AccessThese publications are for sale. Please refer to to order
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