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The following errors have been detected in the metadata for this archive. Their presence counts against the Overall Rating for the archive.

ErrorOffending ValueRecord ID
Bad Language
Bad Language
Bad Language


The following potential problems have been detected and should be looked into. They are not severe enough to count against the archive's Overall Rating.

ErrorOffending ValueRecord ID
Private Use Language
Retired Language Codedap - Split into Nyishi [njz] and Tagin [tgj]
Retired Language Codedaf - Split into Dan [dnj] and Kla-Dan [lda]
Retired Language Codegbc - Split into Garrwa [wrk] and Wanyi [wny]
Retired Language Codegmo - Split into three languages: Gamo [gmv], Gofa [gof], and Dawro [dwr]
Retired Language Codestc - Split into Natügu [ntu] and Nalögo [nlz]
Retired Language Codeizi - Split into Izii [izz], Ezaa [eza], Ikwo [iqw], Mgbolizhia [gmz]
Retired Language
Retired Language Codekrm - Change to
Retired Language Codenoo - Split into [dtd] Ditidaht and [nuk]
Retired Language Codeduj - split into [dwu] Dhuwal and [dwy]
Retired Language Codegio - split into Qau [gqu] and A'ou [aou] with some going to Green Gelao [gig], some to Red Gelao [gir], and some to White Gelao [giw]
Retired Language Codenbf - split into Naxi [nxq] and Narua [nru]
Retired Language Codewit - Split into Wintu [wnw], Nomlaki [nol], and Patwin [pwi]
Retired Language Codejar - split into Gwak [jgk] and Bankal [jjr]
Retired Language Codebaz - Split Tunen [baz] into Tunen [tvu] and Nyokon [nvo]
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