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ISO 639-3: est

The combined catalog of all OLAC participants contains the following resources that are relevant to this language:

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Primary texts

  1. ONLINEEstonian Argus Corpus. Argus, Reili. 2004-04-05. TalkBank. oai:childes.talkbank.org:Other-Estonian-Argus
  2. ONLINEEstonian Kohler Corpus. Kohler, Kaja. 2004-04-05. TalkBank. oai:childes.talkbank.org:Other-Estonian-Kohler
  3. ONLINEEstonian Körgesaar Corpus. Körgesaar, Helen. 2011-12-31. TalkBank. oai:childes.talkbank.org:Other-Estonian-Korgesaar
  4. ONLINEEstonian Vija Corpus. Vija, Maigi. 2004-04-05. TalkBank. oai:childes.talkbank.org:Other-Estonian-Vija
  5. ONLINEEstonian Bible. United Bible Societies. 1990. EPF. oai:rosettaproject.org:rosettaproject_est_gen-1
  6. ONLINEConversation MOVIN Corpus. Wagner, Johannes. 2004-03-30. TalkBank. oai:talkbank.org:CABank-MOVIN
  7. ECI Multilingual Text. LDC. 1994. The LDC Corpus Catalog. oai:www.ldc.upenn.edu:LDC94T5

Lexical resources

  1. Estonian self-taught by the natural method : with phonetic pronunciation. Cook, Percy J. 1949. Marlborough's self-taught series. oai:gial.edu:28138

Language descriptions

  1. ONLINEAfBo: A world-wide survey of affix borrowing Resources for Estonian. n.a. 2013. Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology. oai:afbo.info:4
  2. Über die wortarten im Estnischen. Viitso, Tiit-Rein. 1977. Tallinn : Academy of Sciences of the Estonian S. S. R. oai:gial.edu:11605
  3. Symposium on Language Universals : "Estonian data contributing to the theory of language universals" & "The hierarchical nature of language" : (Tallinn, July 28-30, 1987) : summaries. Help, Toomas; Murumets, S. (Sirje); Keele ja Kirjanduse Instituut (Eesti NSV Teaduste Akadeemia). 1987. Tallinn : Academy of Sciences of the Estonian SSR, Institute of Language and Literature. oai:gial.edu:14779
  4. The function of quantity in Finnish and Estonian. Lehiste, Ilse. 1965. Baltimore : Linguistic Society of America at the Waverly Press. oai:gial.edu:26928
  5. Acoustical features of Estonian vowels pronounced in isolation and in three phonological degrees of length. Liiv, Georg. 1962. Tallinn : Izvestija Akademii Nauk Estonskoj SSR. oai:gial.edu:27185
  6. On qualitative features of Estonian stressed monophthongs of three phonological degrees of length. Liiv, Georg. 1961. Tallinn : Izvestia Akademii Nauk Estonskoj SSR. oai:gial.edu:27187
  7. On the acoustic composition of Estonian vowels of three degrees of length. Liiv, Georg. 1962. Tallinn : Izvestia Akademii Nauk Estonskoj SSR. oai:gial.edu:27188
  8. On the quantity and quality of Estonian vowels of three phonological degrees of length. Liiv, George. 1961. The Hague : Mouton & Co. oai:gial.edu:27189
  9. Estonian self-taught by the natural method : with phonetic pronunciation. Cook, Percy J. 1949. Marlborough's self-taught series. oai:gial.edu:28138
  10. ONLINEGlottolog 2.3 Resources for Estonian. n.a. 2014. Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology. oai:glottolog.org:esto1258
  11. ONLINEThe World's Writing Systems. Daniels, Peter T.; Bright, William. 1996. Oxford University Press. oai:rosettaproject.org:rosettaproject_est_ortho-1
  12. ONLINEThe World's Writing Systems: Uralic Languages. Daniels, Peter T.; Bright, William. 1996. Oxford University Press. oai:rosettaproject.org:rosettaproject_est_ortho-2
  13. ONLINEWALS Online Resources for Estonian. n.a. 2008. Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology. oai:wals.info:est

Other resources about the language

  1. ONLINEObservations on the durations of some word structures. Eek, Arvo. 1975. Estonian papers in Phonetics 4. oai:refdb.wals.info:1507
  2. ONLINEEesti keele sõnafonoloogia 1. Hint, Mati. 1973. Eesti NSV Teaduste Akadeemia. oai:refdb.wals.info:1591
  3. ONLINEStandard Estonian Grammar. Volume 1: Phonology, Morphology, Wordformation. Tauli, Valter. 1973. Almqvist & Wiksell. oai:refdb.wals.info:2800
  4. ONLINEStandard Estonian Grammar. Volume 2: Syntax. Tauli, Valter. 1983. Almqvist & Wiksell. oai:refdb.wals.info:2801
  5. ONLINEAnalyse grammaticale de l'estonien parlé. de Sivers, Fanny. 1969. G. de Bussac. oai:refdb.wals.info:2898
  6. ONLINEÈstonskij jazyk. Kask, A. X. 1966. Jazyki narodov SSSR. Volume 3: Finno-ugorskie i samodijskie jazyki. oai:refdb.wals.info:3717
  7. ONLINEEstonian. Viitso, Tiit-Rein. 1998. The Uralic Languages. oai:refdb.wals.info:3814
  8. ONLINEEinführung in die ostseefinnischen Sprachen. Laanest, Arvo. 1982. Buske. oai:refdb.wals.info:3904
  9. ONLINEBasic Course in Estonian. Oinas, Felix J. 1966. Indiana University Press. oai:refdb.wals.info:4225
  10. ONLINEUchebnik èstonskogo jazyka. Valmet, A.; Uuspyld, E.; Turu, E. 1981. Valgus. oai:refdb.wals.info:4692
  11. ONLINE'Being' and 'having' in Estonian. Lehiste, I. 1972. The verb 'be' and its synonyms 5. oai:refdb.wals.info:5151
  12. ONLINELes langages de l'humanité: une encyclopédie des 3000 langues parlées dans le monde. Malherbe, Michael; Rosenberg, S. 1996. Laffont. oai:refdb.wals.info:5673
  13. Surrey Person Syncretism Database. Baerman, Matthew. 2002. University of Surrey. oai:surrey.smg.surrey.ac.uk:personsyncretism
  14. ONLINE30016. Andreas; Maigi; Standard Actor. 2001-03-14. Prof. Brian MacWhinney. oai:www.mpi.nl:MPI1303207
  15. ONLINE30015. Andreas; Maigi; Standard Actor. 2001-03-13. Prof. Brian MacWhinney. oai:www.mpi.nl:MPI1303204
  16. ONLINE30014. Andreas; Maigi; Standard Actor. 2001-03-12. Prof. Brian MacWhinney. oai:www.mpi.nl:MPI1303202
  17. ONLINE30111. Andreas; Maigi; Priit. 2001-04-06. Prof. Brian MacWhinney. oai:www.mpi.nl:MPI1303248
  18. ONLINE30109. Andreas; Maigi. 2001-04-04. Prof. Brian MacWhinney. oai:www.mpi.nl:MPI1303247
  19. ONLINE30108. Andreas; Maigi; Priit. 2001-04-03. Prof. Brian MacWhinney. oai:www.mpi.nl:MPI1303245
  20. ONLINE30107. Andreas; Maigi; Priit. 2001-04-02. Prof. Brian MacWhinney. oai:www.mpi.nl:MPI1303242
  21. ONLINE30113. Andreas; Maigi; Priit. 2001-04-08. Prof. Brian MacWhinney. oai:www.mpi.nl:MPI1303251
  22. ONLINE30106. Andreas; Maigi; Priit. 2001-04-01. Prof. Brian MacWhinney. oai:www.mpi.nl:MPI1303237
  23. ONLINE30104. Andreas; Maigi. 2001-03-30. Prof. Brian MacWhinney. oai:www.mpi.nl:MPI1303234
  24. ONLINE30103. Andreas; Maigi. 2001-03-29. Prof. Brian MacWhinney. oai:www.mpi.nl:MPI1303231
  25. ONLINE30100. Andreas; Maigi. 2001-03-26. Prof. Brian MacWhinney. oai:www.mpi.nl:MPI1303227
  26. ONLINE30027. Andreas; Maigi. 2001-03-25. Prof. Brian MacWhinney. oai:www.mpi.nl:MPI1303224
  27. ONLINE30101. Andreas; Maigi; Priit. 2001-03-27. Prof. Brian MacWhinney. oai:www.mpi.nl:MPI1303229
  28. ONLINE30025. Andreas; Maigi; Standard Actor. 2001-03-23. Prof. Brian MacWhinney. oai:www.mpi.nl:MPI1303223
  29. ONLINE30023. Andreas; Maigi; Standard Actor. 2001-03-21. Prof. Brian MacWhinney. oai:www.mpi.nl:MPI1303221
  30. ONLINE30018. Andreas; Maigi; Standard Actor. 2001-03-16. Prof. Brian MacWhinney. oai:www.mpi.nl:MPI1303213
  31. ONLINE30021. Andreas; Maigi; Standard Actor. 2001-03-19. Prof. Brian MacWhinney. oai:www.mpi.nl:MPI1303215
  32. ONLINE30022. Andreas; Maigi; Standard Actor. 2001-03-20. Prof. Brian MacWhinney. oai:www.mpi.nl:MPI1303218
  33. ONLINE30017. Andreas; Maigi. 2001-03-15. Prof. Brian MacWhinney. oai:www.mpi.nl:MPI1303210
  34. ONLINE20108. Andreas; Standard Actor; Standard Actor. 2000-04-03. Prof. Brian MacWhinney. oai:www.mpi.nl:MPI1303153
  35. ONLINE20107. Andreas; Standard Actor; Standard Actor. 2000-04-02. Prof. Brian MacWhinney. oai:www.mpi.nl:MPI1303151
  36. ONLINE20104. Andreas; Maigi; Standard Actor. 2000-03-30. Prof. Brian MacWhinney. oai:www.mpi.nl:MPI1303146
  37. ONLINE20103. Andreas; Maigi; Standard Actor. 2000-03-29. Prof. Brian MacWhinney. oai:www.mpi.nl:MPI1303144
  38. ONLINE20106. Andreas; Maigi; Standard Actor. 2000-04-01. Prof. Brian MacWhinney. oai:www.mpi.nl:MPI1303147
  39. ONLINE20326. Andreas; Maigi; Standard Actor. 2000-06-21. Prof. Brian MacWhinney. oai:www.mpi.nl:MPI1303161
  40. ONLINE20413. Andreas; Standard Actor; Standard Actor. 2000-07-10. Prof. Brian MacWhinney. oai:www.mpi.nl:MPI1303164
  41. ONLINE20502. Andreas; Standard Actor; Standard Actor. 2000-07-28. Prof. Brian MacWhinney. oai:www.mpi.nl:MPI1303166
  42. ONLINE20109. Andreas; Standard Actor; Standard Actor. 2000-04-04. Prof. Brian MacWhinney. oai:www.mpi.nl:MPI1303156
  43. ONLINE20112. Andreas; Standard Actor; Standard Actor. 2000-04-07. Prof. Brian MacWhinney. oai:www.mpi.nl:MPI1303158
  44. ONLINE20023. Andreas; Maigi; Standard Actor. 2000-03-20. Prof. Brian MacWhinney. oai:www.mpi.nl:MPI1303130
  45. ONLINE20021. Andreas; Maigi; Standard Actor. 2000-03-18. Prof. Brian MacWhinney. oai:www.mpi.nl:MPI1303125
  46. ONLINE20020. Andreas; Maigi; Standard Actor. 2000-03-17. Prof. Brian MacWhinney. oai:www.mpi.nl:MPI1303124
  47. ONLINE20018. Andreas; Maigi; Standard Actor. 2000-03-15. Prof. Brian MacWhinney. oai:www.mpi.nl:MPI1303122
  48. ONLINE20016. Andreas; Maigi; Priit. 2000-03-13. Prof. Brian MacWhinney. oai:www.mpi.nl:MPI1303120
  49. ONLINE20022. Andreas; Maigi; Standard Actor. 2000-03-19. Prof. Brian MacWhinney. oai:www.mpi.nl:MPI1303128
  50. ONLINE20102. Andreas; Maigi; Standard Actor. 2000-03-28. Prof. Brian MacWhinney. oai:www.mpi.nl:MPI1303142
  51. ONLINE20100. Andreas; Maigi; Priit; Standard Actor; Standard Actor; Great_Grandmother. 2000-03-26. Prof. Brian MacWhinney. oai:www.mpi.nl:MPI1303135
  52. ONLINE20101. Andreas; Standard Actor; Georg; Standard Actor; Standard Actor; Standard Actor. 2000-03-27. Prof. Brian MacWhinney. oai:www.mpi.nl:MPI1303138
  53. ONLINE20024. Andreas; Maigi; Priit. 2000-03-21. Prof. Brian MacWhinney. oai:www.mpi.nl:MPI1303132
  54. ONLINE20026. Andreas; Maigi; Standard Actor. 2000-03-23. Prof. Brian MacWhinney. oai:www.mpi.nl:MPI1303133
  55. ONLINE30011. Andreas; Maigi; Standard Actor. 2001-03-09. Prof. Brian MacWhinney. oai:www.mpi.nl:MPI1303195
  56. ONLINE30013. Andreas; Maigi; Standard Actor. 2001-03-11. Prof. Brian MacWhinney. oai:www.mpi.nl:MPI1303199
  57. ONLINE30007. Andreas; Maigi; Standard Actor. 2001-03-05. Prof. Brian MacWhinney. oai:www.mpi.nl:MPI1303190
  58. ONLINE30009. Andreas; Maigi; Standard Actor. 2001-03-07. Prof. Brian MacWhinney. oai:www.mpi.nl:MPI1303193
  59. ONLINE30008. Andreas; Maigi; Standard Actor. 2001-03-06. Prof. Brian MacWhinney. oai:www.mpi.nl:MPI1303191
  60. ONLINE30000. Andreas; Maigi. 2001-02-26. Prof. Brian MacWhinney. oai:www.mpi.nl:MPI1303178
  61. ONLINE20813. Andreas; Standard Actor; Standard Actor. 2000-11-09. Prof. Brian MacWhinney. oai:www.mpi.nl:MPI1303176
  62. ONLINE20712. Andreas; Standard Actor; Standard Actor. 2000-10-08. Prof. Brian MacWhinney. oai:www.mpi.nl:MPI1303173
  63. ONLINE20612. Andreas; Standard Actor. 2000-09-08. Prof. Brian MacWhinney. oai:www.mpi.nl:MPI1303171
  64. ONLINE20530. Andreas; Standard Actor. 2000-08-25. Prof. Brian MacWhinney. oai:www.mpi.nl:MPI1303169
  65. ONLINE30006. Andreas; Maigi; Standard Actor. 2001-03-04. Prof. Brian MacWhinney. oai:www.mpi.nl:MPI1303187
  66. ONLINE30004. Andreas; Maigi; Standard Actor. 2001-03-02. Prof. Brian MacWhinney. oai:www.mpi.nl:MPI1303184
  67. ONLINE30001. Andreas; Maigi. 2001-02-27. Prof. Brian MacWhinney. oai:www.mpi.nl:MPI1303180
  68. ONLINE30002. Andreas; Maigi; Standard Actor. 2001-02-28. Prof. Brian MacWhinney. oai:www.mpi.nl:MPI1303182
  69. ONLINE20015. Andreas; Maigi; Standard Actor. 2000-03-12. Prof. Brian MacWhinney. oai:www.mpi.nl:MPI1303117
  70. ONLINE20014. Andreas; Maigi. 2000-03-11. Prof. Brian MacWhinney. oai:www.mpi.nl:MPI1303115
  71. ONLINEhend05. Hendrik; Standard Actor; Standard Actor. n.d. Prof. Brian MacWhinney. oai:www.mpi.nl:MPI1302127
  72. ONLINEhend06. Hendrik; Standard Actor. 1997-04-10. Prof. Brian MacWhinney. oai:www.mpi.nl:MPI1302129
  73. ONLINEhend04. Hendrik; Standard Actor. 1997-03-07. Prof. Brian MacWhinney. oai:www.mpi.nl:MPI1302125
  74. ONLINEhend08. Hendrik; Standard Actor; Martin. 1997-05-02. Prof. Brian MacWhinney. oai:www.mpi.nl:MPI1302134
  75. ONLINEhend07. HENDRIK; Standard Actor; MARTIN; Standard Actor. 1997-04-28. Prof. Brian MacWhinney. oai:www.mpi.nl:MPI1302131
  76. ONLINEhend10. Hendrik; Standard Actor. 1997-06-02. Prof. Brian MacWhinney. oai:www.mpi.nl:MPI1302138
  77. ONLINEhend09. Hendrik; Standard Actor. 1997-05-25. Prof. Brian MacWhinney. oai:www.mpi.nl:MPI1302136
  78. ONLINEhend03. Hendrik; Standard Actor. 1997-02-06. Prof. Brian MacWhinney. oai:www.mpi.nl:MPI1302119
  79. ONLINEhend01. Hendrik; Standard Actor; Martin; Standard Actor. 1996-12-11. Prof. Brian MacWhinney. oai:www.mpi.nl:MPI1302115
  80. ONLINEhend02. Standard Actor; Standard Actor. 1997-01-06. Prof. Brian MacWhinney. oai:www.mpi.nl:MPI1302117
  81. ONLINEcar030900. Carlos; Standard Actor; Kelly; Kaja. 2000-09-03. Prof. Brian MacWhinney. oai:www.mpi.nl:MPI1302168
  82. ONLINEann310800. Anna; Kaja. 2000-08-31. Prof. Brian MacWhinney. oai:www.mpi.nl:MPI1302167
  83. ONLINEann210700. Anna; Kaja; Carlos; Kelly; Standard Actor. 2000-07-21. Prof. Brian MacWhinney. oai:www.mpi.nl:MPI1302163
  84. ONLINEann220600. Anna; Kaja; Carlos; Valmar; Standard Actor. 2000-06-22. Prof. Brian MacWhinney. oai:www.mpi.nl:MPI1302165
  85. ONLINEcar070800. Carlos; Standard Actor; Kaja. 2000-08-07. Prof. Brian MacWhinney. oai:www.mpi.nl:MPI1302171
  86. ONLINEcar100700. Carlos; Standard Actor; Kaja; Valmar. 2000-07-10. Prof. Brian MacWhinney. oai:www.mpi.nl:MPI1302173
  87. ONLINEcar200800. Carlos; Standard Actor; Kaja; Kelly. 2000-08-20. Prof. Brian MacWhinney. oai:www.mpi.nl:MPI1302179
  88. ONLINEcar170900. Carlos; Kaja; Valmar. 2000-09-17. Prof. Brian MacWhinney. oai:www.mpi.nl:MPI1302177
  89. ONLINEcar130600. Carlos; Standard Actor; Standard Actor; Valmar. 2000-06-13. Prof. Brian MacWhinney. oai:www.mpi.nl:MPI1302175
  90. ONLINEcar260600. Carlos; Standard Actor; Kaja. 2000-06-26. Prof. Brian MacWhinney. oai:www.mpi.nl:MPI1302185
  91. ONLINEcar250900. Carlos; Standard Actor; Kaja. 2000-09-25. Prof. Brian MacWhinney. oai:www.mpi.nl:MPI1302182
  92. ONLINEcar240700. Carlos; Standard Actor; Kaja. 2000-07-24. Prof. Brian MacWhinney. oai:www.mpi.nl:MPI1302180
  93. ONLINEhend15. Hendrik; Standard Actor. 1997-08-26. Prof. Brian MacWhinney. oai:www.mpi.nl:MPI1302148
  94. ONLINEhend11. Hendrik; Standard Actor. n.d. Prof. Brian MacWhinney. oai:www.mpi.nl:MPI1302141
  95. ONLINEhend12. Hendrik; Standard Actor; Martin; Standard Actor. n.d. Prof. Brian MacWhinney. oai:www.mpi.nl:MPI1302143
  96. ONLINEhend14. Hendrik; Standard Actor. 1997-08-06. Prof. Brian MacWhinney. oai:www.mpi.nl:MPI1302146
  97. ONLINEhend13. Hendrik; Standard Actor; Martin. 1997-07-23. Prof. Brian MacWhinney. oai:www.mpi.nl:MPI1302145
  98. ONLINEhend17. Hendrik; Standard Actor; Martin. 1997-09-27. Prof. Brian MacWhinney. oai:www.mpi.nl:MPI1302153
  99. ONLINEhend16. Hendrik; Standard Actor; Standard Actor; Martin. 1997-09-03. Prof. Brian MacWhinney. oai:www.mpi.nl:MPI1302151
  100. ONLINEann140900. Anna; Kaja; Carlos. 2000-09-14. Prof. Brian MacWhinney. oai:www.mpi.nl:MPI1302158
  101. ONLINEann090700. Anna; Standard Actor; Standard Actor; Kaja. 2000-07-09. Prof. Brian MacWhinney. oai:www.mpi.nl:MPI1302157
  102. ONLINEann030800. Anna; Carlos; Standard Actor; Kaja. 2000-08-03. Prof. Brian MacWhinney. oai:www.mpi.nl:MPI1302155
  103. ONLINEann170800. Anna; Kaja; Carlos; Standard Actor. 2000-08-17. Prof. Brian MacWhinney. oai:www.mpi.nl:MPI1302161
  104. ONLINEhel240701. Helen; Standard Actor; Kaja. 2001-07-24. Prof. Brian MacWhinney. oai:www.mpi.nl:MPI1302199
  105. ONLINEhel220801. Helen; Standard Actor; Kaja. 2001-08-22. Prof. Brian MacWhinney. oai:www.mpi.nl:MPI1302197
  106. ONLINEhel191200. Helen; Standard Actor; Standard Actor. 2000-12-19. Prof. Brian MacWhinney. oai:www.mpi.nl:MPI1302194
  107. ONLINEhel190901. Helen; Standard Actor; Standard Actor; Kaja. 2001-09-19. Prof. Brian MacWhinney. oai:www.mpi.nl:MPI1302192
  108. ONLINEhel100801. Helen; Standard Actor; AnnaLiisa; Kaja. 2001-08-10. Prof. Brian MacWhinney. oai:www.mpi.nl:MPI1302190
  109. ONLINEhel030101. Helen; Standard Actor; Kaja. 2001-01-03. Prof. Brian MacWhinney. oai:www.mpi.nl:MPI1302187
  110. ONLINEhel050901. Helen; Standard Actor; Kaja. 2001-09-05. Prof. Brian MacWhinney. oai:www.mpi.nl:MPI1302188
  111. ONLINEsan181200. Sandor; Standard Actor; Kaja. 2000-12-18. Prof. Brian MacWhinney. oai:www.mpi.nl:MPI1302233
  112. ONLINEhen220800. Henri; Standard Actor; Standard Actor; Kaja. 2000-08-22. Prof. Brian MacWhinney. oai:www.mpi.nl:MPI1302207
  113. ONLINEmar060900. Mari; Standard Actor; Joosu; Kaja. 2000-09-06. Prof. Brian MacWhinney. oai:www.mpi.nl:MPI1302208
  114. ONLINEhen050900. Henri; Standard Actor; Kaja. 2000-09-05. Prof. Brian MacWhinney. oai:www.mpi.nl:MPI1302201
  115. ONLINEhen180900. Henri; Kaja; Standard Actor. 2000-09-18. Prof. Brian MacWhinney. oai:www.mpi.nl:MPI1302203
  116. ONLINEsan040801. Sandor; Standard Actor; Kaja. 2001-08-04. Prof. Brian MacWhinney. oai:www.mpi.nl:MPI1302219
  117. ONLINEmar230800. Mari; Standard Actor. 2000-08-23. Prof. Brian MacWhinney. oai:www.mpi.nl:MPI1302217
  118. ONLINEmar260700. Mari; Standard Actor; Kaja. 2000-07-26. Prof. Brian MacWhinney. oai:www.mpi.nl:MPI1302218
  119. ONLINEmar190900. Mari; Standard Actor; Standard Actor; Kaja. 2000-09-19. Prof. Brian MacWhinney. oai:www.mpi.nl:MPI1302216
  120. ONLINEmar160600. Mari; Standard Actor; Kaja. 2000-06-16. Prof. Brian MacWhinney. oai:www.mpi.nl:MPI1302215
  121. ONLINEmar110700. Mari; Standard Actor; Kaja. 2000-07-11. Prof. Brian MacWhinney. oai:www.mpi.nl:MPI1302214
  122. ONLINEmar090800. Mari; Standard Actor; Kaja. 2000-08-09. Prof. Brian MacWhinney. oai:www.mpi.nl:MPI1302213
  123. ONLINEsan090102. Sandor; Standard Actor; Kaja. 2002-01-09. Prof. Brian MacWhinney. oai:www.mpi.nl:MPI1302221
  124. ONLINEsan060101. Sandor; Standard Actor; Standard Actor; Kaja. 2001-01-06. Prof. Brian MacWhinney. oai:www.mpi.nl:MPI1302220
  125. ONLINEsan150801. Sandor; Standard Actor; Kaja. 2001-08-15. Prof. Brian MacWhinney. oai:www.mpi.nl:MPI1302223
  126. ONLINEsan140901. Sandor; Standard Actor; Kaja. 2001-09-14. Prof. Brian MacWhinney. oai:www.mpi.nl:MPI1302222
  127. ONLINE10724. Andreas; Maigi. 1999-10-22. Prof. Brian MacWhinney. oai:www.mpi.nl:MPI1302386
  128. ONLINE10810. Andreas; Maigi. 1999-11-04. Prof. Brian MacWhinney. oai:www.mpi.nl:MPI1302388
  129. ONLINEtai220800. Taimo; Standard Actor; Kaja. 2000-08-22. Prof. Brian MacWhinney. oai:www.mpi.nl:MPI1302381
  130. ONLINEtai270700. Taimo; Standard Actor; Kaja. 2000-07-27. Prof. Brian MacWhinney. oai:www.mpi.nl:MPI1302382
  131. ONLINEtai290600. Taimo; Standard Actor; Kaja. 2000-06-29. Prof. Brian MacWhinney. oai:www.mpi.nl:MPI1302384
  132. ONLINE10825. Andreas; Maigi. 1999-11-19. Prof. Brian MacWhinney. oai:www.mpi.nl:MPI1302389
  133. ONLINE11003. Andreas; Maigi; Standard Actor. 1999-12-29. Prof. Brian MacWhinney. oai:www.mpi.nl:MPI1302398
  134. ONLINE10911. Andreas; Maigi. 1999-12-07. Prof. Brian MacWhinney. oai:www.mpi.nl:MPI1302396
  135. ONLINEste210600. Stella; Standard Actor; Standard Actor. 2000-06-21. Prof. Brian MacWhinney. oai:www.mpi.nl:MPI1302362
  136. ONLINEste210800. Stella; Standard Actor; Kaja. 2000-08-21. Prof. Brian MacWhinney. oai:www.mpi.nl:MPI1302363
  137. ONLINEste240700. Stella; Standard Actor; Standard Actor; Kaja. 2000-07-24. Prof. Brian MacWhinney. oai:www.mpi.nl:MPI1302366
  138. ONLINEtai030101. Taimo; Standard Actor; Kaja. 2001-01-03. Prof. Brian MacWhinney. oai:www.mpi.nl:MPI1302368
  139. ONLINEtai050900. Taimo; Standard Actor; Kaja. 2000-09-05. Prof. Brian MacWhinney. oai:www.mpi.nl:MPI1302371
  140. ONLINEtai090800. Taimo; Standard Actor; Kaja. 2000-08-09. Prof. Brian MacWhinney. oai:www.mpi.nl:MPI1302372
  141. ONLINEtai180900. Taimo; Standard Actor; Kaja. 2000-09-18. Prof. Brian MacWhinney. oai:www.mpi.nl:MPI1302376
  142. ONLINEtai140700. Taimo; Standard Actor; Kaja. 2000-07-14. Prof. Brian MacWhinney. oai:www.mpi.nl:MPI1302374
  143. ONLINEtai191200. Taimo; Standard Actor; Standard Actor; Kaja. 2000-12-19. Prof. Brian MacWhinney. oai:www.mpi.nl:MPI1302378
  144. ONLINEsan290801. Sandor; Standard Actor; Kaja. 2001-08-29. Prof. Brian MacWhinney. oai:www.mpi.nl:MPI1302347
  145. ONLINEsan291201. Sandor; Standard Actor; Kaja. 2001-12-29. Prof. Brian MacWhinney. oai:www.mpi.nl:MPI1302348
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