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ISO 639-3: grn

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Lexical resources

  1. Diccionario castellano-guaraní y guaraní-castellano : sintáctico, fraseológico, idealógico. Guasch, A (Antonio). 1976. Asunción, Paraguay : Ediciones Loyola. oai:gial.edu:24814

Language descriptions

  1. El guaraní a su alcance. Meliá, Bartomeu. 1960. Asunción : Loyola. oai:gial.edu:24816
  2. A description of colloquial Guaraní. Suárez, Emma Gregores, 1927-. 1961. Graduate Institute of Applied Linguistics Library. oai:gial.edu:28225

Other resources about the language

  1. ONLINEUniversal Declaration of Human Rights. n.a. n.d. The Rosetta Project: A Long Now Foundation Library of Human Language. oai:rosettaproject.org:rosettaproject_grn_undec-1
  2. Options in the pragmatic structuring of Guaraní sentences. Dooley, Robert A. 1982. Baltimore : Waverly. oai:gial.edu:20604
  3. Las marcas aspecto-temporales en el Guarani comun del Paraguay. Fernández Guizetti, Germán. 1969. [S.l. : s.n. oai:gial.edu:20848
  4. The grammar of possession : inalienability, incorporation, and possessor ascension in Guaraní. Velazquez Castillo, Maura. 1996. Studies in language companion series, 0165-7763 ; v. 33. oai:gial.edu:20900
  5. Tupi studies 1. Bendor-Samuel, David; Summer Institute of Linguistics. 1971. Summer Institute of Linguistics publications in linguistics and related fields ; no. 29. oai:gial.edu:24807
  6. El idioma guaraní : gramática y antología de prosa y verso. Guasch, A (Antonio). 1976. Asunción : Loyola. oai:gial.edu:24815
  7. Nomen/Verb-Distinktion im Guarani. Nordhoff, Sebastian. 2004. Arbeitspapier (Universität zu Köln. Institut für Sprachwissenschaft) ; n.F., Nr. 48. oai:gial.edu:28226

Other resources in the language

  1. Vocabulário do guarani : vocabulário básico do guarani contemporâneo (dialeto mbüá do Brasil). Dooley, Robert A. 1982. Brasília, DF : Summer Institute of Linguistics. oai:gial.edu:25941

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