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ISO 639-3: mon

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Lexical resources

  1. ONLINECrúbadán language data for Mongolian. Kevin Scannell. 2015. The Crúbadán Project. oai:crubadan.org:mn
  2. ONLINECrúbadán language data for Mongolian (Latin). Kevin Scannell. 2015. The Crúbadán Project. oai:crubadan.org:mn-Latn
  3. ONLINECrúbadán language data for Mongolian (Mongolian). Kevin Scannell. 2015. The Crúbadán Project. oai:crubadan.org:mn-Mong

Language descriptions

  1. ONLINEAfBo: A world-wide survey of affix borrowing Resources for Middle Mongolic. n.a. 2013. Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology. oai:afbo.info:34
  2. Mongolian grammar. Kullmann, Rita. 1996. Hong Kong : Jensco Ltd. ; Pittsburgh, PA : distribution, Manassas Consulting, Inc. oai:gial.edu:25487
  3. Colloquial Mongolian : the complete course for beginners. Sanders, Alan J. K. 1999. London New York : Routledge. oai:gial.edu:26203
  4. ONLINEGlottolog 2.6 Resources for Mongolian. n.a. 2014. Max Planck Institute for the Science of Human History. oai:glottolog.org:mong1331

Other resources about the language

  1. Meng-ku yü chien chih. Dao, Bu. 1983. Kuo jia min wei min tsu wen tʿi wu chung tsʿung shu chih i. oai:gial.edu:11687
  2. Imena sushchestvitelʹnye i prilagetelʹnye v sovremennom mongolʹskom ︠i︡azyke. Orlovska︠i︡a, M. N. (Mari︠i︡a Nikolaevna), 1926-. 1961. Moskva : Izd-vo vostochnoĭ lit-ry. oai:gial.edu:16382
  3. ONLINEAn autosegmental theory of stress. Hagberg, Lawrence Raymond. 2006. Graduate Institute of Applied Linguistics Library. oai:gial.edu:28694
  4. Mongolian language handbook. Poppe, Nicholas, 1928-. 1970. Language handbook series ; no. 4. oai:gial.edu:5956
  5. ONLINEReview of: The phonology of Mongolian, by Jan-Olaf Svantesson, Anna Tsendina, Anastasia Karlsson, and Vivan Franzén. Yoder, Brendon. 2011. SIL Electronic Book Reviews 2011-012. oai:sil.org:48927

Other resources in the language

  1. Morfologicheskaia struktura slova v mongol'skikh iazykakh : o fuzii, simvolizatsii, analitizme, vnutr. fleksii, singarmonizme i mnogoznachnosti affiksov. Bertagaev, T. A. (Trofim Alekseevich), 1905-1976. 1969. Moskva : "Nauka". oai:gial.edu:16012
  2. The Mongolic languages. Janhunen, Juha, 1952-. 2003. Routledge language family series ; 5. oai:gial.edu:17240
  3. Dagur Mongolian grammar, texts, and lexicon : based on the speech of Peter Onon. Martin, Samuel Elmo, 1924-. 1961. Bloomington : Indiana University. oai:gial.edu:25488
  4. ONLINEW2C – Web to Corpus – Corpora. Majliš, Martin. 2013. Charles University in Prague, UFAL. oai:lindat.mff.cuni.cz:11858/00-097C-0000-0022-6133-9

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