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ISO 639-3: nux

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Other known names and dialect names: Driafleisuma, Indinogosima, Me'ek, Nuku

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Lexical resources

  1. ONLINEMehek Swadesh List. n.a. n.d. The Rosetta Project: A Long Now Foundation Library of Human Language. oai:rosettaproject.org:rosettaproject_nux_swadesh-1
  2. ONLINEtransnewguinea.org Resources for Mehek. Simon J. Greenhill (editor). 2016. transnewguinea.org (transnewguinea.org). oai:transnewguinea.org:nux.1576

Language descriptions

  1. ONLINENotebook C10: Selected Research Papers of Don Laycock on Languages in Papua New Guinea. Don Laycock (compiler); Don Laycock (researcher). n.d. Pacific And Regional Archive for Digital Sources in Endangered Cultures (PARADISEC). oai:paradisec.org.au:DL2-010
  2. ONLINEMehek Organised Phonology Data. Wunum, I.J. nd. SIL Language and Culture Archives. oai:sil.org:42465

Other resources about the language

  1. ONLINEThe Sepik-Ramu Phylum. Laycock, D. C.; Z'graggen, John A. 1975. Papuan Languages and the New Guinea Linguistic Scene, New Guinea Area Languages and Language Study 1. oai:refdb.wals.info:3219
  2. ONLINEA sociolinguistic survey of Mehek and Siliput. Bugenhagen, Robert D. 1981. Data Papers on Papua New Guinea Languages. oai:sil.org:23666

Other known names and dialect names: Driafleisuma, Indinogosima, Me'ek, Nuku

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