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ISO 639-3: pbh

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Other known names and dialect names: Abira, Eñapa, Eñepa, Eye, Panare, Panari

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Language descriptions

  1. ONLINEGlottolog 2.2 Resources for E'napa Woromaipu. n.a. 2013. Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology. oai:glottolog.org:enap1235
  2. ONLINEWALS Online Resources for Panare. n.a. 2008. Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology. oai:wals.info:pnr

Other resources about the language

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  5. Vowel harmony and transitive verb clauses in Panare: where are the consonant-initial roots?. Payne, Doris L.; Bakshi, Indira. 1998. Serie lingüística (Hermosillo, Mexico). Memorias. oai:sil.org:2713
  6. Transitivity and ergativity in Panare. Payne, Thomas E. 1990. University of Texas Press. oai:sil.org:3220
  7. OVSu versus VSuO in Panare (Cariban): do syntax and discourse match?. Payne, Doris L. 1994. Text: An Interdisciplinary Journal for the Study of Discourse. oai:sil.org:3327
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  15. Object incorporation in Panare. Payne, Thomas E. 1995. International Journal of American Linguistics. oai:sil.org:2395
  16. ONLINEE'?apa Woromaipu: a language of Venezuela. n.a. 2013. SIL International. oai:ethnologue.com:pbh
  17. Estudio del sistema de sonidos del idioma panare. Price, Jana. 1984. Serie "Lenguas indígenas de Venezuela.". oai:gial.edu:28242
  18. ONLINELINGUIST List Resources for E'ñapa Woromaipu. Anthony Aristar, Director of Linguist List (editor); Helen Aristar-Dry, Director of Linguist List (editor). 2014-04-17. The LINGUIST List (www.linguistlist.org). oai:linguistlist.org:lang_pbh

Other known names and dialect names: Abira, Eñapa, Eñepa, Eye, Panare, Panari

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