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ISO 639-3: pel

The combined catalog of all OLAC participants contains the following resources that are relevant to this language:

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Lexical resources

  1. ONLINESupplementary datafiles for McDowell and Anderbeck, The Malay Lects of Southern Sumatra. McDowell, Jonathan; Anderbeck, Karl Ronald. 2020. SIL International. oai:sil.org:86340

Language descriptions

  1. ONLINEGlottolog 5.0 Resources for Pekal. n.a. 2024. Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology. oai:glottolog.org:peka1242

Other resources about the language

  1. ONLINEPekal: a language of Indonesia. n.a. 2018. SIL International. oai:ethnologue.com:pel

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