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ISO 639-3: sdm

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Other known names and dialect names: Beginci, Bihak, Gerai, Komi, Kualan-Semandang

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Language descriptions

  1. ONLINEGlottolog 2.7 Resources for Semandang. n.a. 2016. Max Planck Institute for the Science of Human History. oai:glottolog.org:sema1269
  2. ONLINEWALS Online Resources for Semandang. n.a. 2008. Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology. oai:wals.info:smd

Other resources about the language

  1. SMD-20102303. ARJ; GSN. 2010-03-23. Uri Tadmor. oai:www.mpi.nl:1839_00-0000-0000-0022-6AB5-2
  2. SMD-20090412-d. NKLP; EXPALG; NIA; YKN; PEN; SLM. 2009-12-04. Uri Tadmor. oai:www.mpi.nl:1839_00-0000-0000-0022-6A8F-6
  3. SMD-20090310-a. EXPALG; ARJ; KJK; ETN; LSR; ADR. 2009-03-10. Uri Tadmor. oai:www.mpi.nl:1839_00-0000-0000-0022-6AAA-6
  4. SMD-Semandang. XXX; EXPURI; NNK; EXPALG; NNMK; MNNK; NBNK; NKN; MMK. Unknown. Uri Tadmor. oai:www.mpi.nl:1839_00-0000-0000-0022-5AD5-6
  5. SMD-20060508A. n.a. 2006-05-08. Uri Tadmor. oai:www.mpi.nl:1839_00-0000-0000-0022-6AA0-9
  6. SMD-20091005. ARJ; MAD; SDI; DEA; KNT; NDH. 2009-05-10. Uri Tadmor. oai:www.mpi.nl:1839_00-0000-0000-0022-6A8C-F
  7. SMD-20090412-b. NKLP; EXPALG; LNLALG; NIA; YKN; PEN. 2009-12-04. Uri Tadmor. oai:www.mpi.nl:1839_00-0000-0000-0022-6A9B-8
  8. SMD-20091015. ARJ; MAD; CNT; KNT. 2009-10-15. Uri Tadmor. oai:www.mpi.nl:1839_00-0000-0000-0022-6AA4-7
  9. SMD-20091009. EXPALG; PTR; ELS; BOB; PPT. 2009-09-10. Uri Tadmor. oai:www.mpi.nl:1839_00-0000-0000-0022-6ABC-7
  10. SMD-20091006. XXX; ARJ; MAD; KNT; NDA. 2009-06-10. Uri Tadmor. oai:www.mpi.nl:1839_00-0000-0000-0022-6AB6-0
  11. SMD-PAK-ALUY-MUNGKOT-NSABI. EXPALG. Unknown. Uri Tadmor. oai:www.mpi.nl:1839_00-0000-0000-0022-6AB3-6
  12. SMD-20090307-a. NKLP; EXPALG; LNLALG; DPI; ANS; NIA; ASN; YWS; PIN; SSN; RIN; SNA. 2009-03-07. Uri Tadmor. oai:www.mpi.nl:1839_00-0000-0000-0022-6AB9-6
  13. SMD-20041115. MRK; NKLP; KRG; EXPALG; NKLP3. 2004-11-15. Uri Tadmor. oai:www.mpi.nl:1839_00-0000-0000-0022-6AA6-3
  14. SMD-20090307-b. NKLP; EXPALG; LNLALG; NIA; NNL; YWS; YKN. 2009-03-07. Uri Tadmor. oai:www.mpi.nl:1839_00-0000-0000-0022-6AA2-B
  15. SMD-KEK-DINO. KDN; NDN; KLP; KRG; KYG; EXPALG. Unknown. Uri Tadmor. oai:www.mpi.nl:1839_00-0000-0000-0022-6AB8-6
  16. SMD-20051216. NKLP; KRG; KYG; EXPALG; NKLP.; NKLP`. 2005-12-16. Uri Tadmor. oai:www.mpi.nl:1839_00-0000-0000-0022-6A9E-6
  17. SMD-Kampong-ko. XXX; EXPALG. Unknown. Uri Tadmor. oai:www.mpi.nl:1839_00-0000-0000-0022-6A91-2
  18. SMD-20090216. XXX; EXPALG; XXXCHI; DPI; NIA; KNL; NNL; NRK; SAP2. 2009-02-16. Uri Tadmor. oai:www.mpi.nl:1839_00-0000-0000-0022-6AB4-3
  19. SMD-PAK-ALUY-MUNGKOT-POKUH. XXX; EXPALG. Unknown. Uri Tadmor. oai:www.mpi.nl:1839_00-0000-0000-0022-6AAD-6
  20. SMD-20060508-B. n.a. 2006-05-08. Uri Tadmor. oai:www.mpi.nl:1839_00-0000-0000-0022-6ABE-9
  21. SMD-20091018. NKLP; EXPALG; LNLALG; NIA; YKN; NJK; PIT. 2009-10-18. Uri Tadmor. oai:www.mpi.nl:1839_00-0000-0000-0022-6AB1-F
  22. SMD-Paq-Aluy-Minan-Ujo. XXX. Unknown. Uri Tadmor. oai:www.mpi.nl:1839_00-0000-0000-0022-6AAE-7
  23. SMD-20090412-c. NKLP; EXPALG; NIA; YKN; PEN. 2009-12-04. Uri Tadmor. oai:www.mpi.nl:1839_00-0000-0000-0022-6AA7-C
  24. SMD-20090831. ARJ; MAD; DEA; KNT. 2009-08-31. Uri Tadmor. oai:www.mpi.nl:1839_00-0000-0000-0022-6ABD-F
  25. SPD-20090410. n.a. 2009-04-10. Uri Tadmor. oai:www.mpi.nl:1839_00-0000-0000-0022-6A9D-6
  26. SMD-20090519. ARJ; KJK; MAD; NCS; PCS; YNO. 2009-05-19. Uri Tadmor. oai:www.mpi.nl:1839_00-0000-0000-0022-6AA1-B
  27. SMD-20090606. KNL; ARJ; MAD; SDI; SNR; DEA; CNT; KNT; NDH; TIO; PHN. 2009-06-06. Uri Tadmor. oai:www.mpi.nl:1839_00-0000-0000-0022-6AA8-A
  28. SMD-PAK-ADAT-SEMANDANG. KJS; NSL; EXPALG; XXXCHI; ALH; NJS; KSL; KSJ; NSJ. Unknown. Uri Tadmor. oai:www.mpi.nl:1839_00-0000-0000-0022-6A8D-D
  29. SMD-20090329-a. NKLP; EXPALG; NIA; NNL; SLM. 2009-03-29. Uri Tadmor. oai:www.mpi.nl:1839_00-0000-0000-0022-6AB7-8
  30. SMD-20041025. XXX; MRK; EXPALG; ALG3; MRK3. 2004-10-25. Uri Tadmor. oai:www.mpi.nl:1839_00-0000-0000-0022-6A90-7
  31. SMD-20090512. XXX; EXPALG; LNLALG; SND; BTI. 2009-05-12. Uri Tadmor. oai:www.mpi.nl:1839_00-0000-0000-0022-6AC2-3
  32. SMD-20090828. NKLP; EXPALG; LNLALG; NIA; PIT; LIO. 2009-08-28. Uri Tadmor. oai:www.mpi.nl:1839_00-0000-0000-0022-6AC4-0
  33. SMD-20091004. ARJ; MAD; CNT; KNT; UCL; NHN. 2009-04-10. Uri Tadmor. oai:www.mpi.nl:1839_00-0000-0000-0022-6A8B-2
  34. BRM-20091220-b. NBP; EXPALG; LNLALG; PML; NML; NDP. 2009-01-20. Uri Tadmor. oai:www.mpi.nl:1839_00-0000-0000-0022-6E7A-1
  35. SMD-20091016. ARJ; MAD; DEA; CNT; KNT; SNT; NDH; CNL. 2009-12-16. Uri Tadmor. oai:www.mpi.nl:1839_00-0000-0000-0022-6A99-C
  36. SMD-20041029. XXX; MRK; UBN; EXPALG. 2004-10-29. Uri Tadmor. oai:www.mpi.nl:1839_00-0000-0000-0022-6A9C-6
  37. SMD-20090329-b. XXX; NKLP; EXPALG; NIA; NNL; SLM; PTO. 2009-03-29. Uri Tadmor. oai:www.mpi.nl:1839_00-0000-0000-0022-6AA9-8
  38. BRM-20091220-c. NBP; EXPALG; LNLALG; PML; NCH. 2009-12-20. Uri Tadmor. oai:www.mpi.nl:1839_00-0000-0000-0022-6E82-2
  39. SMD-Paq-Aluy-Ngael. XXX. Unknown. Uri Tadmor. oai:www.mpi.nl:1839_00-0000-0000-0022-6AAF-F
  40. SMD-20090706. NPI; ARJ; MAD; DEA; KNT; RVL; DTA; ELA; PYA; IMN; LJN; TYH; ASY. 2009-06-07. Uri Tadmor. oai:www.mpi.nl:1839_00-0000-0000-0022-6AC0-7
  41. JLD_word_list_Onya_Darat_Samandang. n.a. 2013-01-01. David Gil. oai:www.mpi.nl:1839_00-0000-0000-0022-7160-A
  42. SMD-20090520. ARJ; KJK; PAN; MAD; NJK; ADT. 2009-05-20. Uri Tadmor. oai:www.mpi.nl:1839_00-0000-0000-0022-6AAB-6
  43. SMD-20090830. ARJ; MAD; SDI; DEA; KNT; NDH; NYT; RVL; YOG; DTA; ELA; NHN. 2009-08-30. Uri Tadmor. oai:www.mpi.nl:1839_00-0000-0000-0022-6AC5-D
  44. SMD-Semandang1. XXX; EXPURI; NNK; EXPALG; ALGF; NMNK. Unknown. Uri Tadmor. oai:www.mpi.nl:1839_00-0000-0000-0022-6ABF-B
  45. SMD-20102403. ARJ; GSN; YGI. 2010-03-24. Uri Tadmor. oai:www.mpi.nl:1839_00-0000-0000-0022-6A98-E
  46. SMD-20091017. ARJ; KNT. 2009-10-17. Uri Tadmor. oai:www.mpi.nl:1839_00-0000-0000-0022-6AB0-B
  47. MAL-20110122. n.a. 2011-01-22. Uri Tadmor. oai:www.mpi.nl:1839_00-0000-0000-0022-5DA8-0
  48. SMD-20090412-a. NKLP; EXPALG; NIA; YKN; PEN; ALX. 2009-04-12. Uri Tadmor. oai:www.mpi.nl:1839_00-0000-0000-0022-6A89-6
  49. SMD-DEMBIYA-TOBUH. XXX. Unknown. Uri Tadmor. oai:www.mpi.nl:1839_00-0000-0000-0022-6A8E-6
  50. SMD-20090310-b. EXPALG; ANS; ARJ; KJK; ETN; LSR; ADR. 2009-03-10. Uri Tadmor. oai:www.mpi.nl:1839_00-0000-0000-0022-6AAC-8
  51. Dukun. n.a. Unknown. Uri Tadmor. oai:www.mpi.nl:1839_00-0000-0000-0022-6A9F-4
  52. SMD-PAK-ALUY-BELANJA. EXPALG. Unknown. Uri Tadmor. oai:www.mpi.nl:1839_00-0000-0000-0022-6A94-9
  53. SMD-20130510-a. EXPALG; SINALG; MIMALG. 2013-05-10. Uri Tadmor. oai:www.mpi.nl:1839_00-0000-0000-0022-6AB2-7
  54. BRM-20151012. EXPALG; OLOALG; DIMALG; RIMALG; PUOALG; CAPALG. 2015-10-11. Uri Tadmor. oai:www.mpi.nl:1839_00-0000-0000-0022-6E68-E
  55. SMD-20130801. EXPALG; ALEALG; LIAALG; SUNALG; IRMALG; NOPALG. 2013-08-01. Uri Tadmor. oai:www.mpi.nl:1839_00-0000-0000-0022-6A9A-A
  56. MAL-20120401. EXPALG; LNLALG; ALS; ASN; LJI. 2012-01-04. Uri Tadmor. oai:www.mpi.nl:1839_00-0000-0000-0022-5D81-E
  57. MAL-20120722. EXPALG; LNLALG; ASN; ILA; SWI. 2012-07-22. Uri Tadmor. oai:www.mpi.nl:1839_00-0000-0000-0022-5D9D-E
  58. MAL-20120822. EXPALG; ALS; PILALG. 2012-08-22. Uri Tadmor. oai:www.mpi.nl:1839_00-0000-0000-0022-5DAB-E
  59. SMD-20130510-b. EXPALG; SINALG. 2013-05-10. Uri Tadmor. oai:www.mpi.nl:1839_00-0000-0000-0022-6A97-0
  60. SMD-20121019-a. RODALG; PALALG; ALIALG; MATALG; PILAGL; SUTALG; KELALG; ANAALG. 2012-10-19. Uri Tadmor. oai:www.mpi.nl:1839_00-0000-0000-0022-6ABA-8
  61. SMD-20121019-b. RODALG; PALALG; ALIALG; MATALG; SUTALG; KELALG; ANAALG; PITALG; IJOALG. 2012-10-19. Uri Tadmor. oai:www.mpi.nl:1839_00-0000-0000-0022-6A96-5
  62. PNK-20110919-a. EXPALG; LNLALG; JON; AGO; ESI. 2011-09-19. Uri Tadmor. oai:www.mpi.nl:1839_00-0000-0000-0022-5BDE-1
  63. ONLINESemandang: a language of Indonesia. n.a. 2013. SIL International. oai:ethnologue.com:sdm
  64. SMD-20130605-B. EXPALG; KANALG; DIDALG; IDAALG; AGUALG; BUDALG; LINALG. 2013-06-05. Uri Tadmor. oai:www.mpi.nl:1839_00-0000-0000-0022-6A8A-4
  65. SMD-20130605-c. EXPALG; ALIALG; KANALG; DIDALG; IDAALG; AGUALG. 2013-12-12. Uri Tadmor. oai:www.mpi.nl:1839_00-0000-0000-0022-5AD9-6
  66. SMD-20130605-A. EXPALG; ALIALG; KANALG; DIDALG; IDAALG; AGUALG. 2013-12-05. Uri Tadmor. oai:www.mpi.nl:1839_00-0000-0000-0022-6AC3-2

Other known names and dialect names: Beginci, Bihak, Gerai, Komi, Kualan-Semandang

Other search terms: dialect, vernacular, grammar, syntax, morphology, phonology, orthography

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