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ISO 639-3: stv

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Other known names and dialect names: East Gurage, Enneqor, Inneqor, Selti, Silte, Silti, Ulbarag, Urbareg

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Lexical resources

  1. Yäsəltʼənä - Amarəna - ənglizəña kʼamus (əncʼər kutab) (Yäsəltʼiña - Amarəna - ənglizəña mäzgäba kʼalat (acʼər ətəm): Siltʼe - Amharic - English dictionary (shorter version)). Gutt, Eva H. M. (compiler); Hussein Mohammed Musa (compiler). 1995. Summer Institute of Linguistics. oai:sil.org:36334
  2. Siltʼe - Amharic - English dictionary, (with concise grammar). Gutt, Eva H. M. (compiler); Gutt, Ernst-August (compiler); Hussein Mohammed Musa (compiler). 1997. Addis Ababa University Press. oai:sil.org:36353

Language descriptions

  1. ONLINEGlottolog 3.3 Resources for Silt'e. n.a. 2018. Max Planck Institute for the Science of Human History. oai:glottolog.org:silt1240
  2. ONLINEPHOIBLE Online phonemic inventories for Silt'e. n.a. 2014. Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology. oai:phoible.org:stv
  3. A network description of Silti verb-roots. Gutt, Ernst-August. 1979-12. SIL Language and Culture Archives. oai:sil.org:60599
  4. ONLINELAPSyD Online page for Silt'i. Maddieson, Ian. 2009. www.lapsyd.ddl.cnrs.fr. oai:www.lapsyd.ddl.ish-lyon.cnrs.fr:src661

Other resources about the language

  1. Surveying bi-consonantal reduplication in Semitic. Unseth, Peter. 2003. Lincom Europa. oai:sil.org:3809
  2. mehimachot yesiltʼe misaleyawi anegageroch. Hussein Mohammed Musa; Mohammed, Awel. 2002. SIL Ethiopia. oai:sil.org:36423
  3. ONLINEΟτι recitativum in John’s Gospel: a stylistic or a pragmatic device?. Levinsohn, Stephen H. 1999. Work Papers of the Summer Institute of Linguistics, University of North Dakota Session. oai:sil.org:40037
  4. ONLINESociolinguistic survey report of the Zay language area. Gardner, Simon; Siebert, Ralph. 2001. SIL Electronic Survey Reports 2002-024. oai:sil.org:9144
  5. Second S. L. L. E. survey of the Zay language area. Gardner, Simon; Siebert, Ralph. 1994. S.L.L.E. linguistic reports. oai:sil.org:36369
  6. A problem in boundary morphophonemics for computer analysis. Gardner, Simon. 1994. Notes on Computing. oai:sil.org:5776
  7. Studies in the phonology of Silti. Gutt, Ernst-August. 1983. Journal of Ethiopian Studies. oai:sil.org:36377
  8. A multi-tiered approach to Siltʼi verb morphology. Gutt, Ernst-August. 1983. SIL Language and Culture Archives. oai:sil.org:9881
  9. Intelligibility and interlingual comprehension among selected Gurage speech varieties. Gutt, Ernst-August. 1980. Journal of Ethiopian Studies. oai:sil.org:4885
  10. ONLINESilt’e: a language of Ethiopia. n.a. 2018. SIL International. oai:ethnologue.com:stv

Other known names and dialect names: East Gurage, Enneqor, Inneqor, Selti, Silte, Silti, Ulbarag, Urbareg

Other search terms: dialect, vernacular, lexicon, dictionary, vocabulary, wordlist, phrase book, grammar, syntax, morphology, phonology, orthography

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