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ISO 639-3: tiv

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Other known names and dialect names: Munshi

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Primary texts

  1. ONLINEThe Bible in Tiv. The Long Now Foundation. 1964. United Bible Societies. oai:rosettaproject.org:rosettaproject_tiv_gen-1

Lexical resources

  1. ONLINECrúbadán language data for Tiv. Kevin Scannell. 2015. The Crúbadán Project. oai:crubadan.org:tiv
  2. A dictionary of the Tiv language. Abraham, Roy Clive. 1968. Farnborough : Gregg. oai:gial.edu:24342

Language descriptions

  1. The principles of Tiv. Abraham, Roy Clive. 1968. Farnborough : Gregg. oai:gial.edu:17558
  2. ONLINEGlottolog 2.7 Resources for Tiv. n.a. 2016. Max Planck Institute for the Science of Human History. oai:glottolog.org:tivv1240
  3. ONLINEPHOIBLE Online phonemic inventories for Tiv. n.a. 2014. Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology. oai:phoible.org:tiv
  4. ONLINEWALS Online Resources for Tiv. n.a. 2008. Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology. oai:wals.info:tiv

Other resources about the language

  1. ONLINEThe Principles of Tiv. Abraham, Roy Clive. 1940. On behalf of the government of Nigeria by the Crown agents for the colonies. oai:refdb.wals.info:4731
  2. ONLINEThe grammar of Tiv. Abraham, Roy Clive. 1933. Government Printer. oai:refdb.wals.info:5135
  3. The classification of verbs in Tiv. Arnott, D. W. 1958. [London : School of Oriental and African Studies]. oai:gial.edu:10714
  4. A Tiv reader for European students. Abraham, Roy Clive. 1940. Farnborough : Gregg. oai:gial.edu:24343
  5. ONLINETiv: a language of Nigeria. n.a. 2013. SIL International. oai:ethnologue.com:tiv
  6. ONLINEMyee U Gbar-Gbar U Akaa A I Doo Sha Ci U A Er A Hanmaor Umace Keng Keng Man A Lu Vough Yô (Universal Declaration of Human Rights). The Long Now Foundation. 2000. New York: United Nations Information Centre. oai:rosettaproject.org:rosettaproject_tiv_undec-1
  7. ONLINEBantu Tivoid Tiv. Raymond Agber (compiler). 2010. Pacific And Regional Archive for Digital Sources in Endangered Cultures (PARADISEC). oai:paradisec.org.au:RB5-Bantu_Tivoid_Tiv
  8. ONLINELINGUIST List Resources for Tiv. Damir Cavar, Director of Linguist List (editor); Malgorzata E. Cavar, Director of Linguist List (editor). 2016-06-27. The LINGUIST List (www.linguistlist.org). oai:linguistlist.org:lang_tiv

Other known names and dialect names: Munshi

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