This page lists tools for implementers of OLAC repositories.

Get all OLAC Metadata

  • Nightly dump of all OLAC records in OLAC XML format, gzipped
  • Nightly dump of all OLAC records in RDF/XML format, gzipped
  • An OAI data provider containing all OLAC records

    Data Providers

  • OLAC Implementers' FAQ
  • Validate/Register an OLAC Data Provider
  • Interact with a data provider using the OAI Repository Explorer
  • Test the conformance of a repository using the OAI Repository Explorer
  • OLAC Metadata usage survey
  • OLAC Static Repository Gateway - providing an OAI interface to repositories published as an XML file
  • Convert BibTeX file to OLAC Static Repository
  • OAI Tools
  • Sample data provider for AILLA (PHP)

    OLAC Metadata Schema

  • olac.xsd - OLAC Metadata Schema 1.1
  • olac.xml - Example OLAC document
  • olac.dtd - OLAC DTD
  • Free-standing OLAC Metadata - check validity and display a single OLAC record
  • OLAC Metadata - Human readable format definition
  • Recommended Metadata Extensions - Vocabularies for language resource description
  • METADATA - Discussion list for OLAC Metadata

    OLAC metadata can be stored in a relational database. Here is the schema used by all OLAC services: olac_schema.sql.

    OLAC Logo

    Please make use of the OLAC Logo on your site, and link it to

  • Simple search for OLAC records

    Enter a single search term, to be matched against any OLAC field:

    Look up an OLAC item

    Enter the OAI identifier for a record in any OLAC archive:

    List records from an OLAC archive

    Enter the OAI identifier for any OLAC archive (submit a blank query to see a list of archives).

    OLAC-Implementers Mailing List

    OLAC-Implementers is an unmoderated list for technical discussions concerning the implementation of OLAC repositories (LIST ARCHIVES).



    OAI and DCMI Documents

    OLAC is based on the Open Archives Initiative and the Dublin Core Metadata Initiative. Several OAI and DCMI documents are relevant to OLAC:

  • Exposing and Harvesting Metadata Using the OAI Metadata Harvesting Protocol: A Tutorial
  • OAI Protocol for Metadata Harvesting
  • The OAI: Building a low-barrier interoperability framework
  • Dublin Core Element Set
  • More OAI documents...

    Useful Resources

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