Open Language Archives Community:
Original Working Groups

Five working groups met on the closing day of the Philadelphia workshop, and committed themselves to the activities listed below.

Metadata Working Group

Mailing list: METADATA

  1. Gary Simons will coordinate things towards producing a document
  2. Gary Holton will write up and circulate notes on the working group discussions
  3. Mark Liberman will collect examples of catalog entries from several different archives
  4. Helen Dry will identify other people to include in the working group
  5. Possible future meetings: March 1-2 Nijmegen; Santa Barbara mid-June

Character Encoding Working Group

Mailing list: CHARACTERS

  1. Sharon Correll will circulate a write-up of the group/s work, and will manage the position paper, to be revised by the mailing list
  2. Infrastructure for collecting mappings from 8-bit character sets to Unicode
  3. Kinds of information about character encoding that would be added to a collection of best practices (worst practices)

Interlinear Text Working Group

Mailing list: INTERLINEAR

  1. Define an API for working with interlinear text
  2. Move toward best practice recommendations for certain types of interlinear text markup
  3. Offer documentation and advice regarding existing practices
  4. The WG will find/document existing methods, and document this on a web page (Ron Sprouse)
  5. Gather use cases for interlinear text: representation of IT, manipulation, use, ...

Lexicon Working Group

Mailing list: METALEX

  1. Start with an RFC focussing on metadata useful for describing lexicons
  2. Dafydd Gibbon, Nancy Ide and Khalid Choukri will collect information about existing metadata guidelines (how lexicons have been described in the past)
  3. User interfaces for representing online lexicons model for a service provider for lexicons (facilitated by Anne Mahoney)

Ethics Working Group

Mailing list: ETHICS

  1. Group will involve indigenous scholars, and experts from other areas; and professional associations re existing documents
  2. Bill Poser will circulate draft proposal will be created and circulated in the next few weeks; contributions from Jonathan Amith
  3. Parts of the ethical issues discussion to go into metadata?
  4. OLAC should have guidelines for providers, suggestion that data providers supply fair use statements
  5. Issues: defining fair use, copyright, legal issues (Mark Liberman's document to be circulated)
  6. Future meetings: