OLAC Working Group on IMDI-OLAC Mapping

Statement of Purpose

The OLAC Working Group on IMDI-OLAC Mapping will create a recommendation about the mapping of IMDI metadata to OLAC metadata.

In scope is the mapping of collection-level description, hierarchical relationships between sub-collections, the granularity of mapping, and the correspondence between metadata elements and encoding schemes. Out of scope is any discussion of the relative merits of the two metadata sets, since they serve different purposes and subcommunities.

Note: This working group operates according to the OLAC Working Group Process.


Daan Broeder, Max Planck Institute for Psycholinguistics, Nijmegen


Title: IMDI-OLAC Mapping
Editor: ???
Timeframe: TBD
Description: This document will ...

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Current members: Daan Broeder, Heidi Johnson, Terry Langendoen, Zina Tucsnak, Steven Bird, Gary Simons

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