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Title:[Unalaska vocabulary.]
Contributor (author):Samwell, David
Creator:Samwell, David
Description: (1) 3 pp.; including names of 18 Aleutian Islands and chiefs thereof, 123 items (including 12 numerals); (2) comparative Eskimo vocabulary, including 42 items and 10 numerals; (3) 41 items and 10 numerals; frequently copied, e.g. the wordlist by Esteban Martinez, 1788, cited in Enriqueta Vila Vilar, Los Rusos en America, Seville, 1966, is directly translated from this last, with some changes in the Aleut forms. (4) J.C. Beaglehole, ed. The Voyage of the Resolution and Discovery 1776-1780. Part Two. Cambridge University Press, 1967, pp. 1146-1148 (Appendix II, Samwell's Journal). Also in collection: tabular comparison by Krauss, 4 pp. ms., ca. 1982, of (1), (2), (3), and King 1778, showing that (2) (ADM 55/113) is derived from (1) or the like, except for the items "man," "yes," "no," source unknown. The first partial publication is derived from (2) or the like. King (ADM 55/122), however, though containing 63 of the same items (including numerals and one chief's name) as in (1), mostly in the same order, has significantly different spelling throughout and further contains 20 items not in (1), so is thus not derived from (1), though related. Beaglehole (4) is the first full publication of (1); there is none of King. Peter A. Lanyon-Orgill, Captain Cook's South Sea Island Vocabularies, London 1979.202-205, has a comparison of (3) and (4) with entries from Geoghegan 1944. Beaglehole 1967 includes Journals by Samwell )pp. 391-393, 1120-1125, 1137-1149), Clerke (pp. 1333-1339), King (pp. 1440-1455), and Edgar (pp. 1351-1358) containing information on their contacts with Aleuts, showing also that Samwell's informant was probably the (Aleut-Russian) interpreter Yermusk (Yur'mousk, Yarmousk) Comments: Formerly AL 778 S1778. Also in collection: "Vocabulario: Del Idioma de los Naturales de la Isla de Oonalaska situada en la latitud N. de 54°, 4' y en la Longitud de 60°, 18' al O del Meridiano de San Blas," from Ms. 1529, Archivo general de Indios, Sevilla, Spain. 55 items on 2 pp. Items from Cook.; [Word lists from Cook] from Vila Vilar, Enriqueta. Los Rusos en America. Sevilla: Escuela de Estudios Hispano-Americanos de Sevilla, 1966. 4 pp. (2 pp., word lists, 2 pp. biography of Martínez).; biography of Martínez, Esteban Jose, p. 343 of unknown source; Misc. correspondence between M. Krauss and A.C.F. David, 7 pp., about Lanyon-Orgill's Captain Cook's South Sea Island Vocabularies, 1979; 3 copies of a 5 pp. excerpt from Lanyon-Orgill, 1 of which is annotated; Correspondence M. Krauss to "Mme. Higueras," 3 pp. in French; handwritten word list from King 1784?, 1 pp.; handwritten notes re: misc. mss. in Museo Naval Madrid?, 5 pp.; 2 pp. frp, Beaglehole, J.C., [life of?] Captain James Cook. Source: (1) Ms., British Museum, Egerton 2591; (2) Ms., Public Records Office, ADM 55/113, fols. 59v-60; (3) Cook, James and James King. A Voyage to the Pacific Ocean�, London: W. and A. Strachan, 1784, Vol. III, pp. 554-555, Appendix No. VI; (4) J. C. Beaglehole, ed., The Voyage of the Resolution and Discovery 1776-1780, Part Two, Cambridge University Press, 1967, pp. 1146-1148 (Appendix II, Samwell's Journal).
Subject:Aleut language
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