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Contributor (author):Bunbury, Nakahela, Hazel
Johnson, Lena
Krauss, Michael E.
Ritter, John T.
Tlen, Daniel
Tom, Gertie
Creator:Bunbury, Nakahela, Hazel
Johnson, Lena
Krauss, Michael E.
Ritter, John T.
Tlen, Daniel
Tom, Gertie
Description:Tutchone language materials were collected by Michael Krauss. The collection is incomplete; more materials may be found at the Yukon Native Language Center, Whitehorse, Yukon, Canada. In 5 boxes: Box 1 f.1 Gorman�s Selkirk Plant List, 1899. f.2 Tales Told by our Elders; YESS, 1977. f.3 Nuna Lyok� Hager, Ritter, 1977. f.4 Tutchone Survey; Milanowski, Henry, 1980. f.5 How to Tan Hides in the Native Way; Tom, 1981. f.6 Ge Dyaan? Hager, Peter, undated. f.7 Yukon Indian News, 1982. f.8 Glottalization, Aspiration and Tone in Tutchone. Ritter, John,1983. f.9 Northern Tutchone Literacy Workshop, Mayo, 1984; Ritter, John, 1984. f.10 �Fish Roe and Salmon Roe� a note on the development of glottalization and aspiration in Tutchone; Ritter, John, 1984. f.11 Analysis of the structure of Historical Development of the Rhyme in Tutchone; Leer, Jeffry, 1993. Box 2 f.1 Northern Tutchone Athapaskan field notes, Set 1. Ritter, John, 1973. f.2 Northern Tutchone Athapaskan field notes, Set 2; Ritter, John, 1973. f.3 Northern Tutchone Athapaskan field notes, Set 3; Ritter, John, 1973. f.4 Northern Tutchone Athapaskan field notes, Set 4; Ritter, John, 1973. f.5 Northern Tutchone Athapaskan field notes, �Transitional Tutchone� Kin terms; Ritter, John, 1973. f.6 Mayo Athapaskan field notes. Ritter, John, 1973. f.7 A Mayo Athapaskan wordlist, Ritter, John, 1973. f.8 Mayo field notes : Correspondence; Ritter, John, 1974. f.9 Mayo Indian Language School Materials; Author unknown, 1974-1975. Lessons 1-11; f.10 Mayo Indian Language Noun Dictionary; Ritter, John, 1977. f. 11 The Selkirk Indian Language Noun Dictionary; Ritter, John, 1977. Box 3 f.1 Rev Thomas Henry Canham papers (copies), from: Anglican Church of Canada, General Synod Archives. G-1a Indian Hymns, Selkirk Language: G1b Indian Selkirk Language; G-1c Selkirk Indian Language; G-3 Glossary; G-4 Glossary. f.2 Canham papers. G-5 Glossary alphabetical, topical, map. f.3 Canham papers: G-6 Glossary, native to English; G-9 List of Native words; G-12 Questions and answers dialect; G-16 List of Native words; G-17 Glossary, anatomy, birds, colors etc.; G-7 Senences. f.4 Canham papers: religious materials translated. G-14 Bible passages, hymns, sermons translated; G-10 Translation of scriptures; G-8 Bible chapters translated. f.5 Canadian Athabascan sources, notes. M. Krauss. Box 4 f. 1 Vocabulary/ English-Wood Indian; Canham, A., 1898. f.2 Burwash landing notes with Harry Joe; Bienveniste, E., 1953. f.3 Tentative Athabaskan Kluane Dictionary; Johnson, D. 1970. f.4 Southern Tutchone Materials from Haines Junction, Aishihik Areas: Mc Roy, 1974. f.5 Kluane (Southern Tutchone) Athapaskan; Ritter, John, 1975. Box 5 f.1 Oral Tradition and Scientific Research; Cruikshank, Julie, 1983. f.2 Native Stories, Dictionary Work, Place Names; Tom, Gertie, 1981. f.3 The Mouse Story; Easterson, Mary, undated. No native language. f.4 Southern Tutchone Literacy Workshop; Ritter, John, 1984. f.5 Southern Tutchone Literacy Workshop; Ritter, John, 1985. f.6 Ekeye�Big Salmon River; Tom, Gertie, 1987. f.7 Kluane Southern Tutchone Glossary; Tlen, Daniel, 1993. f.8 �The Fish Camp; Johnson, Lena, 1997. f.9 Southern Tutchone Phrasebook; Bunbury, Nakhela, 2002. Comments: A collection of materials from 1900-2006.
Subject:Northern Tutchone language
Southern Tutchone language
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Citation: Bunbury, Nakahela, Hazel; Johnson, Lena; Krauss, Michael E.; Ritter, John T.; Tlen, Daniel; Tom, Gertie. 1961. Alaska Native Language Archive.
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