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Title:Stem variation in Tlingit.
Contributor (author):Crippen, James
Creator:Crippen, James
Description:This is a manuscript on the morphophonology of stem variation. Abstract Stem variation in Tlingit and other Na-Dene languages consists of regular but opaque alterations of the vowels of verb roots that surface in varying verb stem forms. The alterations of vowels involve change of vowel length, change of tone, and in some contexts change of vowel quality (apophony). Stem variation is predictable but the surface forms are opaque because they depend partly on the lexical phonology of the roots. Stem variation is represented by suffixes that are either derived from surface recoverable segments or from historical forms in conservative data. The suffixes capture the system in a way that is fully regular so that every verb stem form can be predicted from the root shape and the stem variation class. The resulting system still features phonological opacity that remains to be explained, but such opacities are better localized and formalized with stem variation. The meaning of stem variation has yet to be elucidated, but there are connections to clause type, polarity, tense-aspect, and other clause-level phenomena. Comments: The manuscript is incomplete and I intend to return to work on it in the future, but I felt this draft should be archived anyway. Received from Crippen via email 2/10/2015.
Subject:Tlingit language
Subject (ISO639):tli
Type (DCMI):Text


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