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Title:Alembic Workbench
Creator:D. Day
D. Zajic
J. Aberdeen
R. Kozierok
et. al.
Description:Corpus annotation and development tool with graphical user interface.Annotations in SGML/XML are edited/viewed based on userpreferences. Types of SGML annotation including simple "phrases" ofcon tiguous text, "structured" tags that refer to other tags - via slotvalues- , and a specialized interface that supports taggingco-reference relationships a la MUC. A template - event, relation- tagging interface is available that can be customized byusers. Solaris and Linux versions can incorporate Alembic NLP system,including learning software to promote bootstrapping during corpusdevelopment - "mixed-initiative" corpus development- . Supports UTF-8- Unicode- and Latin-1 character encodings. Fonts for Eu ropean and CJKlanguages included in distribution. Also included are KWIC tool,general scoring of SGM
Contact: day@mitre.org
Documentation: online
Platform: Solaris, Linux
Distribution: Online
Price (Academic, Commercial, Multi-user) : free , free , free
Identifier:Alembic Workbench
Publisher:The MITRE Corporation
Type:Annotation Tools , Development Tools


Archive:  The Natural Language Software Registry
Description:  http://www.language-archives.org/archive/dfki.de
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OaiIdentifier:  oai:dfki.de:Alembic
DateStamp:  2002-12-14
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Citation: D. Day; D. Zajic; J. Aberdeen; R. Kozierok; et. al. 2000. The MITRE Corporation.

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