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Title:Link Grammar Parser
Creator:Daniel Sleator
Davy Temperley
John Laffferty
Description:The Link Grammar Parser is a syntactic parser of English, based on link grammar, an original theory of English syntax. Given a sentence, the system assigns to it a syntactic structure, which consists of a set of labeled links connecting pairs of words. As of July 2000, we are releasing version 4.0 of the parser. Among the new features of version 4.0 is a system which derives a "constituent" representation of a sentence - showing noun phrases, verb phrases, etc.- . We have made the entire syst em available for download on the web. The system is written in generic ANSI C, and runson all platforms with a C compiler. There is an application program interface - API- to make it easy to incorporate the parser into other applications. The parser has a dictionary of about 60000 word forms. It has cov
Ftp: ftp://ftp.cs.cmu.edu/afs/cs/user/sleator/public/link-grammar/system-3.0
Contact: sleator@cs.cmu.edu
Documentation: online
Platform: Windows NT, Windows 95/98, Solaris, MacOS, Linux
Distribution: Online
Price (Academic, Commercial, Multi-user) : free , free , to negotiate
Identifier:Link Grammar Parser
Publisher:Carnegie Mellon University, Ohio State U.
Type:Deep Syntactic Analysis , Partial Parsing


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DateStamp:  2002-12-14
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Citation: Daniel Sleator; Davy Temperley; John Laffferty. 2000. Carnegie Mellon University, Ohio State U.

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