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Title:Distinguished corpus: Influence of nonverbal communication on verbal production in the Second Life Reflective Sessions
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Audience:Researchers or teachers in educational sciences or linguistics
Bibliographic Citation:Wigham, C.R. & Chanier, T. (2012). (dir.) Distinguished Corpus: Influence of nonverbal communication on verbal production in the Second Life Reflective Sessions. Mulce.org : Clermont Université. [ oai:mulce.org:mce-archi21-modality-interplay ; http://repository.mulce.org ] . Corpus linked to the following publication: Wigham, C. & Chanier, T., (2012). A study of verbal and nonverbal communication in Second Life - the ARCHI21 experience. ReCALL 25(1). [ http://edutice.archives-ouvertes.fr/edutice-00674138 ]
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Contributor (compiler):Wigham Ciara
Contributor (data_inputter):Wigham Ciara R. ; Saddour Inès
Contributor (depositor):Chanier Thierry
Contributor (editor):Wigham Ciara R. ; Chanier Thierry
Contributor (researcher):Wigham Ciara R ; Chanier Thierry
Contributor (transcriber):Saddour Inès
Creator:Wigham, C.R. ; Chanier T.
Date Created (W3CDTF):2012-04-10
Description:Data from the avatar and scenario workgroups' Second Life reflection sessions held on day two of the course (slrefl-av-j2 and slrefl-sc-j2) were firstly transcribed according to a predefined methodology (Saddour, Wigham and Chanier, 2011) and using ELAN. The data was then collated and to examine whether the nonverbal communication acts of the avatars allowed the students to engage more in the verbal interaction, an analysis of variance was then carried out using SPSS software according to two hypotheses: 1. The more nonverbal acts an actor performs the more verbal acts s/he performs. 2. An increase in the number of nonverbal acts performed by an actor there is an increase in the total length of the actor's verbal acts. Our analysis shows that a student who performed a greater number of nonverbal acts did not therefore necessarily perform a greater number of verbal acts. However, there was a proportional increase between the total length of all verbal acts performed by a student and the total number of nonverbal acts performed.
This corpus is extracted from the global Learning and Teaching Corpus ARCHI21 (Chanier and Wigham, 2011 [oai : mulce.org:mce-archi21-letec-all]). The corpus concerns data extracted from an intensive Content and Learning Integrated Learning (CLIL) course Building Fragile Spaces. This course formed an action with the European project 'Architectural and Design based Education and Practice through Content and Language Integrated Learning using Immersive Virtual Environments for 21st Century Skills', Lifelong Learning Programme, KA2 Languages, DG EAC/41/09, llp-eacea-KA2-MultProj-ARDNM.
The quantitative analyses of verbal and nonverbal communication in this corpus reveal 905 verbal acts of which 648 are audio acts and 257 are text chat acts. As for the nonverbal acts, we counted 1319 acts: 1283 kinesic acts, 9 acts of production, 24 movement acts and 3 appearance / disappearance acts.
Extent:762 ko
905 verbal acts ; 1319 non verbal acts, 9047 tokens
Format (IMT):text/xml
Identifier (URI):http://mulce.univ-bpclermont.fr:8080/PlateFormeMulce/VIEW/PUBLIC/03/VMeta.do?adr=Archi21%2FCorpus_objets%2Fmce-archi21-modality-inteplay
Language (ISO639):eng
Publisher: Mulce.org ; Universite Blaise Pascal ; France ; http://mulce.org ; http://repository.mulce.org
References:Wigham, C. & Chanier, T., (2012). A study of verbal and nonverbal communication in Second Life - the ARCHI21 experience. ReCALL 25(1). [http://edutice.archives-ouvertes.fr/edutice-00674138 ]
Foucher, A-L., Chanier, T., Rodrigues, C., Fynn, J., Bayle, A., Wigham C., (2011). What learning scenarios for virtual worlds and CLIL? (European Association for Computer Assisted Language Learning 2011) [résumé]. Nottingham : Royaume-Uni. [http://hal.archives-ouvertes.fr/hal-00600731 ]
Chanier, T. & Ciekanski, M. (2010). Utilité du partage des corpus pour l'analyse des interactions en ligne en situation d'apprentissage : un exemple d'approche méthodologique autour d'une base de corpus d'apprentissage. ALSIC - Apprentissage des Langues et Systèmes d'Information et de Communication 13[http://edutice.archives-ouvertes.fr/edutice-00486676 ]
Reffay, C, Chanier, T., Noras, M. & Betbeder, M.-L. (2008). Contribution à la structuration de corpus d'apprentissage pour un meilleur partage en recherche. In Basque, J. & Reffay, C. (dir.), numéro spécial EPAL (échanger pour apprendre en ligne), Sciences et Technologies de l'Information et de la Communication pour l'Education et la Formation (STICEF), 15, [http://sticef.univ-lemans.fr/num/vol2008/01-reffay/sticef_2008_reffay_01p.pdf , http://edutice.archives-ouvertes.fr/edutice-00159733 ]
References (URI):http://edutice.archives-ouvertes.fr/edutice-00674138
Rights: Rights holders of this corpus are: Thierry Chanier ; Ciara R Wigham ; licence = http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-sa/2.0/
Rights (URI):http://lrl-diffusion.univ-bpclermont.fr/mulce/metadata/mce_LETECorpus-en.pdf
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Spatial Coverage (TGN):7008202
Subject:English language
Subject (ISO639):eng
Subject (LCSH):Computer-assisted instruction
Education, Data processing,
Language and languages
Nonverbal communication
Oral communication
Study and teaching
Subject (OLAC):applied_linguistics
Temporal Coverage:name=Archi21 course ; start=2011-02-07 ; end=2011-02-11
Type (DCMI):Dataset
Type (Discourse):dialogue
Type (OLAC):primary_text


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Citation: Wigham, C.R. ; Chanier T. 2012. Mulce.org ; Universite Blaise Pascal ; France ; http://mulce.org ; http://repository.mulce.org.
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