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Title:1 letter to Capell from Sister Madeleine of the Cross re Maewo language with attached word list.
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Bibliographic Citation:Arthur Capell (collector), Peter Newton (depositor), Sister Madeline (author), Hans Schmidt (data_inputter), 1945. 1 letter to Capell from Sister Madeleine of the Cross re Maewo language with attached word list.. JPEG/PLAIN. AC2-VMAEMAE2 at catalog.paradisec.org.au. https://dx.doi.org/10.4225/72/56EC1D63B726F
Contributor (author):Sister Madeline
Contributor (compiler):Arthur Capell
Contributor (data_inputter):Hans Schmidt
Contributor (depositor):Peter Newton
Coverage (Box):northlimit=-15.026; southlimit=-15.139; westlimit=168.104; eastlimit=168.165
Coverage (ISO3166):VU
Date (W3CDTF):1945-07-20
Date Created (W3CDTF):1945-07-20
Description:Manuscript, ink & pencil. Pencil additions C (=Central Maewo) in Capell's hand. Together with list of Maewo villages, and explanatory notes. Keyboarded version of the letter follows (keyboarded by Hans Schmidt) |MAEMAE2_00001_L|[Letter to Capell from Sister Madeleine of the Cross, 4 pages]|Selwyn Girl´s School|Lolowai|Aoba|New Hebrides|July 20th, 1945||Dear Dr. Capell,|I am so sorry that I only received your letter just as I was leaving Maewo for furlough, or I should have been delighted to do anything I could to help as you suggest. The Rev. Judah Butu died a few months ago.|I think the Rev. Malachi Gao [?], a North Raga man, working on Central Maewo might be able to help if he understood just what you wanted. He knows almost no English, but he might be able to follow simple directions in Mota.|I shall be passing through Sydney I hope in about two months time. I have been in Maewo for about a year and if I could be of any help to you I should be glad. I’ll try to collect a few words before I leave here.|My address for August & September will be –|The Sister Madeleine of the Cross,|c/o O.G.S. Mission House,|Grey´s Avenue, Auckland, NZ||Yours sincerely|[signed] Madeleine of the Cross||MAEMAE2_00002_L|[wordlist, written in Sister Madeleine´s hand, hard to decipher]|Maewo.|[gloss] Maewo C. [= Central Maewo?]|no gwatea tigai|yes hi – or lewurvagi|go away van dan atu|come here woma|where bege ambea|quickly gogoi|sit down towara toga|stand tul|swim garu|laugh mana|cry ñara [n with macron on top]|angry samba|coconut niu matiu|basket gate|taro mata|yam damu|nut nañañai|fish masi|mat epa eba|knife talai|loincloth gavu|water bei|fgirewood avimate|fire avi|house vale|cold (of body) malaso|cold (of nwater) mandiñi madidita|frightened matagu|spirit tamate||MAEMAE2_00003_L|[wordlist, written in Sister Madeleine´s hand, hard to decipher]|Maewo. P2/3|[gloss] Maewo C. [= Central Maewo?]||Orange mol|Snake magata|Fowl kuru kur|Dog wiriu|Rat karivi gariv|Bird manu|Sea tas lawa|Canoe or a boat wanga|Mother ğau [g with macron] raveve|Father -|Man tatu tatua|Woman vavine|Child ? ririgi|Baby mimiai Pl. [plural?] memeai|Rain usa reu|Sun aloa|Moon marama wula|Pain waliai|Bad sati seseta|Good|Bring here lav ma|Take away|small ririgi|big mañasi tata|narrow ñwangira|wide|find sanğwei||MAEMAE2_00004_L|[list of villages, written in Sister Madeleine´s hand, hard to decipher]|2/4|Maewo.|Villages 23|Lavui [?] South Maewo, about 20 people North Raga Language| Vavanvae||Nasaoa )|Narovorova ) coast West coast and across the island, different language|Asanawa [?] )|Talise )||Latahuta [?] bush|Lauone East coast||Navenevene ) These people came down from the bush |Peterara ) coast to start Christian villages on the shore.|Nadoña )||Vatsiviu [?] ) West coast and across the island, language different to above group - Central Maewo|Roñonawo ) ||Vatgologolo )|Lalagawe )|Gamalñaisa ) bush|Gologologi )|Tanoireir [?] )|Sarepilagi )||Lotora ) coast North Maewo,|Marino ) Language very| like Merelava|Tanorik ) bush|Savaga )|||. Language as given: Maewo Central, English
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Identifier (URI):http://catalog.paradisec.org.au/repository/AC2/VMAEMAE2
Central Maewo
Language (ISO639):eng
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Subject:Central Maewo language
Subject (ISO639):mwo
Subject (OLAC):language_documentation
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