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Title:Contents of Minidisc recorded in several Aiton villages, April 2001
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Bibliographic Citation:Stephen Morey (collector), Stephen Morey (researcher), 2001; Contents of Minidisc recorded in several Aiton villages, April 2001, MPEG/X-WAV, 2020-04-28. DOI: 10.4225/72/56FBF0D27C238
Contributor (compiler):Stephen Morey
Contributor (researcher):Stephen Morey
Coverage (Box):northlimit=26.7017; southlimit=25.514; westlimit=93.4766; eastlimit=94.944
Coverage (ISO3166):IN
Date (W3CDTF):2001-04-11
Date Created (W3CDTF):2001-04-11
Description:This item contains a number of recordings from a single minidisc. The detailed metadata contains the following fields separated by a pipe |. Recording Name|Data type|Origination Date|Place of Recording|Consultant(s)|Language Content|Item Description|Other Information. Metadata for each recording is separated by a % sign from the next recording. % SDM02-20010201-001 | Primary Text | 24/3/2001 | Guwahati | Nabin Shyam | Aiton | Kham Yong Kung Khau Khai Mau Lung, Mvng Aiton; the words of praise to the Aiton Kingdom at Mau Lung; | a photograph of the text exists as SDM02_20010201-001.jpg % SDM02-20010201-002 | Primary Text | 24/3/2001 | Guwahati | Nabin Shyam | Aiton | Explanation of the meaning of SDM02-20010201-001. Nabin Shyam explained that this text was showing how the ancient kingdom of Mau Lung used to be, how beautiful it was. Everyone lived together. 0’35” The words are calling on the people to listen to these words. In those days there was an Aiton kingdom in that area; from Mau Lung the people shifted to Mvng Aiton. 1’25” Nabin stated that he did not know whether there were still Aiton people there. Some discussion about the Aiton villages in Arunachal Pradesh; 1’50” Nabin resumes the discussion of the meaning of the text. There were so many people there at the time, it was like Varanasi, and it was beautiful, the news of it spread everywhere and everyone knew how fine this kingdom was. There were many people there. They had riches the size of a mountain. 3’30” how dazzling the kingdom was; people were happy and joyful in the kingdom; 4’15” All the roads were good, and the people happy. The King’s palace was in the middle of the city and dazzling like a diamond.; 5’00” there was a lot of business going on there, in the market of that city. This was the original Aiton country, a separate country. 5’40” They had large ships to go doing trade with. There were attractive young people there. 6’25” The country was called Mau Lung Tai Aiton; the country was like heaven, the realm of Chau Sikkya. 7’00” It looked beautiful. These were the words written by the late Sa Ong. | % SDM02-20010201-003 | Primary Text | 24/3/2001 | Guwahati | Nabin Shyam | Aiton | Kham Mo Kaap Kan; this is a love song between young men and women. | The song is transcribed as SDM02-20010201-003.rtf % SDM02-20010201-004 | Primary Text | 24/3/2001 | Guwahati | Nabin Shyam | Aiton | About the calling of the khon ‘spirit’. How it is good for the spirit to be called back; when a child is sick, a number of items are to be put into a winnowing basket (duŋ), such as meat, fish, rice, eggs, and this will be used to attract the spirit. Also weapons are needed like spear, knife, bow, to make the spirit come back. 1’15” depending on where the spirit is, it will have to be called back. It may be in a place of bad spirits. 2’05” It will be called back. It may be necessary to use the weapons to call it back. 2’55” When it comes back, you have to say Chi Chuk Chi Chuk. 3’15” The words of calling back the spirit. | Nabin was also discussing his copy of the Lik Hong Khon, which is SDM02-20010201-004_1.jpg to SDM02-20010201-004_9. jpg % SDM02-20010201-005 | Primary Text | 24/3/2001 | Guwahati | Nabin Shyam | Aiton | Kham Son Yau; These is about the marriage customs, about how the young man goes to house of the parents of the girl, to bring money as a bride price. This text deals with marriage negotiations | Photographed as SDM02-20010201-005_1.jpg and SDM02_20010201-005_2.jpg % SDM02-20010201-006 | Primary Text | 11/4/2001 | Ban Nam Thum | Sa Cham | Aiton | Talking about Aiton language. This was recorded in the 5th month of the Tai year. He says that he the old man will tell. 0’35” He talks about Pu Son Lan, the words of grandfather and how children will become more clever and understand if they know these words. 1’10” The person who originally told this was the chief of the Aitons, the word meaning ‘1st son-origin’ aai³ tun² 1’55” these words are designed so that people will understand. 3’45” He reads the Pu Son Lan | % SDM02-20010201-007 | Primary Text | 11/4/2001 | Ban Nam Thum | Sa Cham | Aiton | Explaining to Sa Cham that these recordings will mean that his words survive after he has died, how his words will survive. | % SDM02-20010201-008 | Primary Text | 12/4/2001 | Ban Nam Thum | Khonji | Aiton | About Lik Si Meng – 1’00” In heaven there was Chaw Sikkya, about the great monk who gave this book to be read, given to the ancestors, so that everyone would know it. | % SDM02-20010201-009 | Primary Text | 4/2001 | Ban Nam Thum | Sa Cham | Aiton | The story of the giant (pung phi phai cing khun). This story is a Buddhist story set in the country of Varanasi where the historical Buddha was living. | %. Language as given: Aiton
Format:Digitised: yes Media: Minidisc Audio Notes: Digital transfer from minidisc, mono. Some clipping. Some insect noise. Some junk data for 1sec at end of some files.
Identifier (URI):http://catalog.paradisec.org.au/repository/SDM02/20010201
Language (ISO639):aio
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Subject:Aiton language
Subject (ISO639):aio
Subject (OLAC):language_documentation
Table Of Contents (URI):http://catalog.paradisec.org.au/repository/SDM02/20010201/SDM02-20010201-001.mp3
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Citation: Stephen Morey (compiler); Stephen Morey (researcher). 2001. Pacific And Regional Archive for Digital Sources in Endangered Cultures (PARADISEC).
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