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Title:The African lexical contribution to Ndyuka, Saramaccan, and other creoles: Implications for how creoles develop
Abstract:The paper asks four kinds of questions about substrate lexical contributions to Ndyuka, a creole language of Suriname, with some reference to Saramaccan and other creoles: 1. In what semantic domains are substrate lexemes most numerous? 2. Within a given semantic domain, which lexemes tend to come from substrate sources, and which from superstrate (and from adstrate)? 3. Comparing form classes (parts of speech) within a language, are the substrate items evenly distributed, or do they tend to predominate in, for example, nouns, while entirely absent among adpositions? 4. Of all the substrate lexemes within a given domain in a particular creole, which ones come from which substrate? Answers to these questions enhance our understand of creolization, other types of contact-induced language change, the specific historical, sociological and interlinguistic situations of particular creole-speaking communities, first and second language acquisition, and the relation between language and culture.
Contributor (author):Huttar, George L.
Description (URI):http://www.sil.org/resources/archives/48673
Extent:p. 215-229
Identifier (URI):http://www.sil.org/resources/archives/48673
Language (ISO639):eng
Subject:Chavacano language
Eastern Maroon Creole language
Fon language
Saramaccan language
Tok Pisin language
Twi language
creoles; semantics; contact languages; semantic domains; substrate; superstrate; adstrate; form classes; basic vocabulary; Atlantic slave trade; generic lexemes; specific lexemes
Subject (ISO639):cbk
Type (DCMI):Text
Type (OLAC):lexicon


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