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Title:Christensen Fund Literacy Materials: Traditional Ecological Knowledge Books
The languages of northern Ambrym
Contributor (editor):George Andrew
Isaiah Bong
Ephraim Hari
Contributor (illustrator):Zakary Bong
Contributor (researcher):Michael Franjieh
Description:There are eight traditional ecological books created as part of the Christensen Fund grant to develop vernacular literacy materials in North Ambyrm. These books cover different topics, such as songs and games, seasons, respect, life and chiefly traditions and gardening. CF_LM_TEK_1_Garden: A collection of descriptions of making three different gardens. A mixed garden, a single food garden, and a yam garden. The yam garden description is from the bundle BT2_1. CF_LM_TEK_2_Food_Cabbage_Fruit: This is a description of different types of food, cabbage and fruit that is found in the bush. These are uncultivated wild foods. CF_LM_TEK_3_Customs_of_High_Men: This is a description of several different types of North Ambrym rituals and ceremonies that are performed by men. There are descriptions of pig-killing ceremonies, Fenbi, Bwerang Yanyan, new yam ceremony, and funerals of high men. CF_LM_TEK_4_Games: This is a description of six different games that are played by people of North Ambrym. CF_LM_TEK_5_Life_Customs: This is a description of nine different life ceremonies, traditions and rights from North Ambrym. From the different traditions surrounding pregnancy and birth, circumcision and coming of age ceremonies, marriage, death and land rights. CF_LM_TEK_6_Respect: This book has three different descriptions of respect. There are two descriptions of how to respect different family members and what register to use with them. There is also a description of a form of respect which happened in the past – when women would crawl on the floor when they saw their taboo relatives. CF_LM_TEK_7The_Seasons: This book contains information on traditional knowledge about the dry and wet seasons. What is planted and what is ripe when and what plants are flowering, what the signs are for the different seasons. CF_LM_TEK_8_Songs: This is a collection of twenty songs. These are taken from the different recordings made in North Ambrym. File Description: This bundle contains eight PDF of the books
Hemia ol buk blong ol kastom save blong Not Ambrym CF_LM_TEK_1_Garden: Hemia wan buk long saed blong garen. I gat trifala storian blong garen. Garen wetem wan kaen kakae, garen wetem ol difdifren kakae mo garen blong yam. CF_LM_TEK_2_Food_Cabbage_Fruit: Hemia storian blong ol difren kakae we i stap long bus. CF_LM_TEK_3_Customs_of_High_Men: Hemia ol storian blong ol difren kastom blong ol hae man blong Ambrym. CF_LM_TEK_4_Games: Hemia storian blong ol gem blong Not Ambrym CF_LM_TEK_5_Life_Customs: Hemia ol storian blong ol seremoni mo kastom blong laef blong ol man mo woman blong Not Ambrym. CF_LM_TEK_6_Respect: Hemia storian blong rispekt – hao blong rispektem famle. Mo i gat wan storian blong olfala rispekt we I bin happen bifo, be naoia i nomo gat - we ol woman i bin stap krol lon graon taem we i lukim ol tabu famle blong hem. CF_LM_TEK_7The_Seasons: Hemia storian blong tufala sison. Wanem kakae i redi, wanem flaoa i stap kam long ol tri mo ol difren saen blong sison. CF_LM_TEK_8_Songs: Hemia twenti difren song from Not Ambrym.
Born in Ranon. Lives in Ranvetlam. Mother from Fanbo, Father from Lele (West Ambrym).
Born Santo. Lives in Ranvetlam. Mother from Fanjewer. Father from Fanbo.
Born Aure Island (Santo). Lives Ranvetlam. Mother from Melarr. Father from Faramsu/Merongrong. Presbyterian Elder.
Josep Bongmeme's son
IGS0084, IPD0216
Identifier (URI):https://lat1.lis.soas.ac.uk/ds/asv?openpath=MPI1193398%23
Subject:literacy materials
North Ambrym language
Subject (ISO639):mmg


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Citation: Michael Franjieh (researcher); George Andrew (editor); Isaiah Bong (editor); Ephraim Hari (editor); Zakary Bong (illustrator). 2014-04-01. Endangered Languages Archive.
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