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Title:Talena Wilton recording Millie Djamuddjana speaking in Kunbarang about bush foods, seasons and stories about her life
Comprehensive pan-varietal, ethnobiological, anthropological record of Kunbarlang
Contributor (recorder):Talena Wilton
Contributor (speaker):Millie Djamuddjana
Description:Talena Wilton recording Millie Djamuddjana speaking in Kunbarang about bush foods, seasons and stories about her life. 01: when wind starts blowing and rain is coming, a season story; 02: when the wind and rain comes and it hits some fruits, called kurnbe; 03: sometimes when clouds come and it’s too tricky for rain, it goes back sometimes; 04: people went out hunting and looking for some fruits, it (the rain or wind?) helped them; 05: looking for food (quite short); 06: looking for green plum, they pick some green plum and they smash it, they show them how to smash it and then they eat it. Plant names are kurnbe ‘small round green plums' (Gun-nartpa: jumbirrich) and mandak, this is another green plum a little bit longer in size, this gets smashed (Gun-nartpa: mun-gubocha). 07: Talena Wilton recording Millie Djamuddjana: time for flower, things getting fat, time for fish and shark, people cook and eat it. They saw flower and knew it was time for fat fish. Millie was little and remembers this.; 08: about ngunjmuk ‘black plum’, midbirdidj ‘another black plum’, korlng ‘peanut tree’ and red plum, called djirdu ‘red plum’; 09: bout fruits, same colours but different names - djawuk - same like grapes but salty one; 10: when Millie was a little kid and they were teaching her how to hunt crabs and fish and how to cook it, old people, she was talking about that story; 11: story about visiting Millie’s country at Rolling Bay, when one Kamarrang saw a cow and shot it. Everyone ate some, but Millie was crying for her cow. Eating meat with fat.
Talena is Millie Djamuddjana's granddaughter
Identifier (URI):https://lat1.lis.soas.ac.uk/ds/asv?openpath=MPI1219581%23
Publisher:Isabel OKeeffe
University of Sydney
Subject:Kunbarlang language
English language
Djeebbana language
Subject (ISO639):wlg


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Citation: Talena Wilton (recorder); Millie Djamuddjana (speaker). 2017-11-28. Isabel OKeeffe.
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