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Title:Demonstration of 18 lyre rhythms by Wondu Soddo
Contributor:Wondu Sooddo
Contributor (researcher):Yvonne Treis
Description:Wondu Soddo, a lyre musician from Bayo Boraza performs 18 different rhythms on the lyre with no accompanying lyrics in order to teach viewers of the recording to identify these rhythms in other song performances. The recording also serves to compare the realisation of these rhythms across individual lyre players. The 18 rhythms demonstrated by Wondu are: 1. Kaa'ooda (type 1), 2. Kaldi Baaba, 3. Aakkwase, 4. C'aaggo C'alti, 5. Zari Baac'i ('lowland sickle'), 6. Gezi Baac'i ('highland sickle'), 7. Bambane (= personal name), 8. Angiza k'ooshe, 9. Dogad ('hyena'), 10. Gaya ('baboon'), 11. Alti Libani (see performance of Gitim Ol), 12. Kaa'oda (type 2), 13. Hallo, 14. Boola, 15. Asshamo, 16. Maakkira, 17. Kaldi Baaba (= plucked version), 18. Gel'o. Most of the rhythm names seem to be shared by the lyre players all over Baskeet. Note, however, that the lyre player Messele Lipaato called rhythm 1 Alammi rather than Kaa'ooda and rhythm 16 Shooda rather than Maakkira. Note the first and second video file (which are identical): Split up the recording V-2012-01-18_001 and save the first part (up to 0:30 min) as V-2012-01-18_001 and the second part as V-2012-01-18_002 (in the original recording two rhythms were recorded in one file)
Wondu is a farmer living in Bayo Boraza. He is a lyre musician well known in the Baskeet area, who has sometimes been booked for cultural events organised by the Baskeet woreda in Laska and been sent to national cultural events to represent the Baskeet community. Apart from the lyre (zimbi), he plays a small bamboo-flute (biilim). Wondu learnt to play the lyre from his foster father. Wondu is Ts'aypano Aamintso's husband.
Yvonne Treis is a linguist and works on Ethiopian languages at CNRS in France.
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Subject:demonstration of rhythm
Basketo language
English language
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Citation: Wondu Sooddo; Yvonne Treis (researcher). 2012-01-18. Endangered Languages Archive.
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