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Title:Bamboo trumpet performance by Biittso Its'into, Worada Gebiro and Shawayye Tebejje
Contributor:Shawayye Tebejje
Worada Gebiro
Biittso Its'into
Contributor (researcher):Yvonne Treis
Description:The bamboo trumpet trio of the musicians Biittso Its'into, Worada Gebiro and Shawayye Tebejje play three "wedding trumpets" and three "mourning trumpets" (see photo linked to this session). The bamboo trumpet is called zayá in Baskeet. The longest trumpet, zoohá, is played by Biittso (on the right), the leading trumpet, késá, by Worada (in the middle), and the shortest trumpet, ádá, by Shawayye (on the left). This particular trio was formed by the Culture Office of the Basketo Special Woreda to represent Baskeet at national cultural events. Usually a trumpet trio has only members from the potter clans, Shawayye is, however, a member of a non-potter clan. At weddings and mourning ceremonies in Baskeet Biittso and Woreda usually play together with another musician. File 001 is a piece played at the bride's home before she leaves (label: Issi zaya I). File 002 is a piece played on the way when taking the bride to her husband (label: Issi zaya II). File 003 is a piece played at the husband's house upon arrival (Issi zaya III). File 004 is a piece played in the morning of the first day of mourning (zháara galass), it was characterised as Baskeet woysa ('Baskeet bamboo flute') and dooyibaaso by the musicians (label: Yeepi zaya I). File 005 is a piece played on the second day of mourning (késí galass) when groups of people walk in processions (kórz) to the deceased person's home, assemble in the front yard of the deceased, when men step forward to kick their shields and vibrate their spears (label: Yeepi zaya II). File 006 is a piece played on the second day of mourning when the participants in the mourning ceremony drink their mourning beer (shóc) (Label: Yeepi zaya III). Traditionally, the trumpet trio plays from time when the corpse is transferred to the mortuary (gaapí keetts) up to the end of the second morning day. The contexts at which the bamboo trumpet is played are elaborated on in the interview with Biittso Its'into and Worada Gebiro in session BI2012-01-21_002.
Shawayye is not a member of the potter clan but he has learned to play the bamboo trumpet and integrated into a bamboo trumpet trio which plays at cultural events organised by the local, regional or national culture offices.
Worada is potter, a bamboo trumpet and a lyre musician. He is member of a bamboo trumpet trio which performs at mourning ceremonies and at cultural events.
Biittso is a potter and a passionate musician. He plays the lyre and the bamboo trumpet. As a bamboo trumpet player here is a member of trio who performs at mourning ceremonies and at cultural events.
Yvonne Treis is a linguist and works on Ethiopian languages at CNRS in France.
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Subject:trumpet song
Basketo language
English language
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Citation: Shawayye Tebejje; Worada Gebiro; Biittso Its'into; Yvonne Treis (researcher). 2011-12-30. Endangered Languages Archive.
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