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Title:Lyre and shulshula performance by Puc'ane Ts'uggo
Contributor:Puc'ane Ts'uggo
Contributor (researcher):Yvonne Treis
Description:Puc'ane Ts'uggo performs songs accompanied by the shulshula-flute and by the lyre. The first file of the session, file 001, illustrates the so-called dookki d'aad' ('Dookko snail'), one of the songs played by a shulshula-quintette - she plays here only the lead voice. Dookka is a territory of the Baskeet area. File 002 and its improved repetition file 003 contain an autobiographical song (gayrints), in which recitation and instrumental performance alternate. The improved file 003 was recorded after the shulshula-flute had been made to "drink", i.e. after he had been rinsed with water. Both files 002 and 03 were played on the dul'í-shulshula, which is the shulshula-flute with the lowest pitch in a quintette. File 004 is a narrative song about Bambane, a B'ooda girl looking for a husband, accompanied on by a plucked lyre. The lyrics correspond to the lyrics of other bambane lyre songs played on the "beaten" (i.e. a strummed) lyre but the musical interpretation is notably different. File 005 is a lyre song called goshoona', the translation of the title is unknown. In File 006, Puc'ane demonstrates what the lead shulshula of a shulshulu-quintette plays in the song dookkí d'aad' ('Dookko snail') (compare with file 001). In File 007, Puc'ano demonstrates what each of the five shulshula-flutes plays when the flutes form a quintette and perform the dookkí d'aad' song (see recordings of shulshula-quintettes). A photo of the flutes played by a shulshula-quintette is linked to this session. All the five shulshula-flutes have names, which are here given from highest to lowest pitch: 1. wullúutta or késá (= kesázindo 'the one that goes out/leads'), 2. máhitts (= maházindo 'the one that returns/replies'), 3. + 4. goo'á (= goo'ázindo '[unknown translation]') and 5. dul'í (= wursázindo 'the one that finishes'). Note, however, that in session STA2012-01-11_001-007, others players called the 4th flute gaaziná. File 008 is a recorded comment by Puc'ano. Files 008a, 008b, 008c are excerpts of 008 for the transcription of two central terms, namely the name of the song played in this session, dookkí d'aad', and the name of the lead shulshula-flute, wulluutto ~ wul'uutto (file 008a, 008c).
Puc'ane is a passionate musician and plays the lyre and the shulshula-flute. She was born in Dookki-C'eri and now lives in Awra-Soosta. She is a member of the shulshula-quintette of the Basketo Special Woreda and with this quintette she has visited many cultural festival all over Ethiopia.
Yvonne Treis is a linguist and works on Ethiopian languages at CNRS in France.
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Subject:various song types
Basketo language
English language
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