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Title:Bamboo trumpet performance by Worada Gebiro, Biittso Its'into and Malkato Gebiro
Contributor:Malkato Gebiro
Biittso Its'into
Worada Gebiro
Contributor (researcher):Yvonne Treis
Description:The bamboo trumpet trio consisting of Worada Gebiro, Biittso Its'into and Malkato Gebiro perform two issi zaya (lit. wedding trumpets) and four yeepi zaya (lit. mourning trumpets). The recordings in this session complement the recordings made in session ST2011-12-30_001-006. The bamboo trumpet pieces do not all have names, and are, therefore, are numbered in the following list. File 001: piece played at the wedding when the mother of the bridegroom receives a cross that is tied around her neck, characterised as Dim woysa (lit. 'bamboo flute of the Dime country') (label: Issi zaya IV). File 002: piece played the wedding in the front yard of the bridegroom's house when the young people who brought the bride dance; the piece is characterised as Maali woysa (lit. 'bamboo flute of the Maale country') (label: Issi zaya V). File 003: piece played on the first day of mourning when the trumpet trio is sent home, characterised as Oydi woysa (lit. 'bamboo flute of the Oyda country') (label: Yeepi zaya IV). File 004: piece played at the second day of mourning in the morning (label: Yeepi zaya V). File 005: piece played at at the second day of mourning in the evening, when, at the end of the day, the trumpet trio is sent home; the piece is said to reflect the lyrics /yizi nu lukkanda, yizi nun hanganda/ = 'so we go (home), so we go (home)' (label: Yeepi zaya VI). File 006: piece called aattsa ('unground pieces, dregs in the beer'), played on the second day of mourning when the trumpet trio asks for their share of the shóc, the morning beer (label: Yeepi zaya VII). Altogether, the Baskeet bamboo trumpet trios have a repertoire of five "wedding trumpets" and seven "mourning trumpets". In this recording Biittso plays the zoohá-trumpet with the lowest pitch (on the left on the photo that is linked to this session); Worada plays the lead trumpet, késá (on the right); and Malkato plays the ádá-trumpet wit the highest pitch (in the middle). Details about the contexts in which these songs are played are discussed in the interview in session BI2012-01-21_002.
Malkato Gebiro is Worada Gebiro's younger brother of WG. The plays the bamboo trumpet (zaya) in a trumpet trio. On the records made in this project, he plays the smallest trumpet (ádá).
Biittso is a potter and a passionate musician. He plays the lyre and the bamboo trumpet. As a bamboo trumpet player here is a member of trio who performs at mourning ceremonies and at cultural events.
Worada is potter, a bamboo trumpet and a lyre musician. He is member of a bamboo trumpet trio which performs at mourning ceremonies and at cultural events.
Yvonne Treis is a linguist and works on Ethiopian languages at CNRS in France.
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Subject:trumpet song
Basketo language
English language
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Citation: Malkato Gebiro; Biittso Its'into; Worada Gebiro; Yvonne Treis (researcher). 2012-01-09. Endangered Languages Archive.
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