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Title:motion descriptions in english participant #14 programme#14
Motion encoding in speech and gesture
Contributor:participant #14
Uta Sassenberg
Contributor (annotator):Uta Sassenberg
Description:Description of motion events in English. Use of the "rabbit" stimuli. Videorecordings in an experiment room at the University of Lincoln. Aim: investigating gestures. The given recording date is only an estimate.
The English Rabbit project was a study for a bachelor's degree. The major aim was to compare gesture and speech. The supervisor of the study was Emile van der Zee at the University of Lincoln
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The participant is taking part in an experiment where she is asked to describe briefly the short (20 seconds) movie-clip she has seen on the computer screen. Whenever she does so, she is asked to turn her chair so that she faces the collector. The participant watches and describes 18 such clips. The aim of the experiment was to elicit speech and gesture use.
The participant is female, 18 years old, right-handed and doing programme #14.
Collector and the one responsible for the project are the same person. The collector is the person addressed by the participant throughout the experiment (sitting about 1 meter to the left of the video camera and at an angle of a little more than 90 degrees to the participant when the participant is facing the computer screen; the collector cannot see what is happening on that screen).
The experiment was conducted with 18 participants (each doing one of the programmes; programme #17 was first done by participant #17, but due to a technical problem, the programme was again run by participant #19: that's why participant #17 is missing and there's a #19; furthermore, participant #3 was doing programme #4 and vice versa). The metadata to the other participants are all called "rabbitENGxx". The metadata of the study with German speakers as participants are all called "rabbitGERxx".
Publisher:Uta Sassenberg
Max Planck Institute for Psycholinguistics
Subject:English language
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