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Description:This is the ESF subcorpus TL English, SL Punjabi, subject Jarnail, cycle 1, sequence 2
This file was generated from an IMDI 1.9 file and transformed to IMDI 3.0. The substructure of Genre is replaced by two elements named "Genre" and "SubGenre". The original content of Genre substructure was: Interactional = '', Discursive = '', Performance = ''. These values have been added as Keys to the Content information.
054-064 Mangat asks J in punjabi what the film is about. J answers in Punjabi. All that J has noted is that the door has been "stuck" and the women are telephoning someone to come and to open it. He has not paid any attention to what number they are dialling. 064-077 M asks J in English what the story of the film is.. J`s answer is the same as given earlier in Punjabi. The only addition is that the women telephone the police. J admits that he has not fully understood the film. They decide to look at it again. The film is shown again. 077-086 Even after seeing the film a second time J`s understanding of it does not seem to have improved. M asks him if he understands the word `fire'. J does not. 087-153 Short streches of the film are shown with sound and asks J questions to test his comprehension, which appears to be only partial. In order to see whether J does not understand the situation and/ or the English spoken by the characters in the film or he is unable to express himself in English, M asks Mangat to ask him the same questions in Punjabi to test his comprehension. 153-232 Mangat asks J, in Punjabi, searching questions, on all the important details of the film. J does not remember the names of the characters. But his understanding of the film, after he has seen it with sound is much better than before, when he saw it without sound. He has not understood some of the English spoken but the situation presented is quite clear to him now. He rightly guesses that the man goes out to get a ladder, although he does not understand the English word `ladder' spoken by the man. M`s suspicion that J has understood more than he is able to express in English turns out to be right. J knows that at the end of the film the women are sitting in the kitchen or in the living room (although he does not know the word `living room'). But earlier when M asked him if the women were sitting in the bathroom he said `yes'. 232-241 M asks J if he remembers the names of the characters. J does not. M asks Mangat to tell J in Punjabi that the film will be shown again and that he should pay attention to the names of the characters. Mangat tells J in Punjabi. 241-407 Short stretches of the film are shown again with sound, and the parts containing names are shown again and again. M gives the video remote control to J and teaches him how to operate it, so that he may see whatever part of the film he wants to. J sees some parts. J is unable to understand some things but his comprehension of the spoken English is now still better. At times M herself operates the video and shows some parts. She repeatedly asks questions about his comprehension. J has already told Mangat in Punjabi that the women are sitting in "the room towards the front". Now while talking in English he feels uneasy replying to M`s question where the women are sitting. He does not know the expression `living room'. M asks J if he has seen the film in his English class. At first J does not understand the question. When the question is repeated he says that he has not, but they have talked about making an emergency call.
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