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Title:Child2 Monthly Recording Cycle11 Session05 Child Language Development
Documentation of Chintang and Puma, two Kiranti languages of Eastern Nepal
Contributor (speaker):Krishna
Khel Bahadur
Man Bhakta
Phul Maya
Description:This is the 5th session of the 11th monthly recording cycle to study 'The Child Language Development'.
The aim of the project is to provide a rich linguistic and ethnographic documentation of two highly endangered but almost totally undocumented languages in eastern Nepal, Chintang and Puma. These languages belong to the Kiranti family of Tibeto-Burman. Chintang is spoken by the Chintang Rai in Chintang Village Development Committee (VDC) of Dhankuta district. Puma is spoken by the Puma Rai in Diplung, Mauwabote and Pauwasera VDCs, to the south of Khotang bazar in Khotang district. Both these districts are situated in the eastern hilly part of the country.http://www.cpdp.uzh.ch
Kamala, Krishna and Khel Bahadur play marble in the varanda of Kamala's home. Asu makes Kamala drink water. In this session, Total utterances = 551 Total utterances uttered by Kamala = 92 Total utterances uttered by Kamala - COMM = 92-32 = 60 Total utterances by other people in the presence of Kamala =551-92 =459 Adult to adult utterances (AA) =12
The utterances in this session are in Chintang except a few rhymes are in Nepali language. And one of the participants has uttered English number like, 1, 2, 3 .
Kamala is target child, Phul Maya is her mother, Man Bhakta is her grandfather, Krhishna and Ashu are her elder sisters, Khel Bahadur is her causin (maternal uncle's son) and Goma is the collector and annotator of this session.
Assistant researcher in Child Language Acquisition and Child Language Development
Krishna Kumari is the elder sister of Kamala Rai and the daughter of Kalpana's father's elder brother. She is the third child of her parents. She is a student. She reads in class two.
Bhima is the wife of Kamala's grandfather's elder brother's son. She is a housewife. She has a small baby. She has passed the primary school education. She is Khukkhang (a clan of Chintang) and married to Sangpang Rai.
Khel Bahadur is the elder brother of Khem. He is the second child of his parents. He is a student. He studies in class 5. Sometimes he also assists in child language recording.
Kamala is the youngest daughter of her parents. She has five elder sisters. She is also called 'kanchi' and 'Kamal' in her family and in her neighbourhood.
Man Bhakta is the father of Kamala's and Kalpana's father. Most often he stays in Dhankuta with his youngest son. He is a farmer. He prepares bamboo baskets.
Phul Maya Rai is the mother of our target child, Kamala Rai. She has 6 daughters. She is a housewife and a farmer as well. She is from Khukkhang clan and married to Sangpang. She is known as Khukkhangma kaĩli in the village.
She is the mother of Kamala's father. She lives in Chintang only during the festivals. Otherwise she lives in Dhankuta headquater with her youngest son. She is from Arihang clan and married to Sangpang.
Ash Kumari Rai is the elder sister of Kamala Rai and the fifth daughter of Kalpana's father's elder brother. She is also called Ash Kumari. She is the fifth daughter of her parents.She often stays at home. She sometimes goes to the school.
Publisher:Prof. Dr. Balthasar Bickel
University of Leipzig
Child Talk
English language
Nepali (macrolanguage)
Chhintange language
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Citation: Goma; Krishna (speaker); Bhima (speaker); Khel Bahadur (speaker); Kamala; Man Bhakta (speaker); Phul Maya (speaker); Ganga (speaker); Ashu (speaker). 2005-02-20. Prof. Dr. Balthasar Bickel.
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