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Title:Child1 Monthly Recording Cycle11 Session02 Child Language Development
Documentation of Chintang and Puma, two Kiranti languages of Eastern Nepal
Contributor (speaker):Raj Kumari
Ganga Bahadur
Description:This is the 2nd session of the 11th monthly recording cycle of the child1, Khem Kumar Rai for the Child Language Development study.
The aim of the project is to provide a rich linguistic and ethnographic documentation of two highly endangered but almost totally undocumented languages in eastern Nepal, Chintang and Puma. These languages belong to the Kiranti family of Tibeto-Burman. Chintang is spoken by the Chintang Rai in Chintang Village Development Committee (VDC) of Dhankuta district. Puma is spoken by the Puma Rai in Diplung, Mauwabote, Devisthan and Pauwasera VDCs, to the south of Khotang bazar in Khotang district. Both these districts are situated in the eastern hilly part of the country.http://www.cpdp.uzh.ch
Khem and Ram play with bamboo vehicle. Khem and Jam Kumari talks. Ram and Khem fights throwing stones each other. Ram and Khem play with a plastic bottle. Total utterance = 283 Total Utterance made by Khem = 63 (Total Utterance -Comm) by Khem = 63 - 17 =46 Other's (including a child) uttarance =283 -63 =220 Others' utterance -comm =220-17 =203 AA (Adult speech) = 8 Note: 19 minutes' recording
The session is full of conversation in Chintang language with some Nepali code mixing. They have also used an English word 'brake'.
Khem is our target child, Raj Kumari is his mother, Ram Prasad is his father, Ram Kumar is his elder brother and Jamu and Ganga Bahadur are his cousins. Goma is the collector and the annotator.
Raj Kumari Rai is the mother of Khem Kumar Rai. She has altogether 7 children. Sheis a house wife and a farmer. She is a daughter of Tele Rai and married to Khukkhang Rai.
Ram is the elder brother of Khem and the son of Kamala's mother's elder brother. He is the fifth child of his parents. He is a student. He reads in class two.
He is a farmer. Sometimes, he works as a porter. He loves his children very much. He is literate. He is a Khukkhang Rai, a clan of Chintang.
Assistant researcher in Child Language Acquisition and Child Language Development
Jam Kumari is the daughter of Khem's father's elder brother. She helps her parents at home. She does not go to school. She lives in Chintang VDC, ward no. 5, Dhormukha.
Khem Kumar Rai is our target child. He is the 6th child in his family. He has two elder sisters, three elder brothers and one younger sister.
Ganga Bahadur is the son of Khem's father's elder brother. He helps her parents at home. He does not go to school. He lives in Chintang VDC, ward no. 5, Dhormukha.
This session is recorded infront of Khem's home. Wind blows time and again at the time of recording.
Publisher:Prof. Dr. Balthasar Bickel
University of Leipzig
Child talk
Nepali (macrolanguage)
Chhintange language
English language
Subject (ISO639):nep


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Citation: Raj Kumari (speaker); Ram (speaker); Ram (speaker); Goma; Jamu (speaker); Khem; Ganga Bahadur (speaker). 2005-02-18. Prof. Dr. Balthasar Bickel.
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