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Title:Description of the Wadhangmi festival
Documentation of Chintang and Puma, two Kiranti languages of Eastern Nepal
Contributor (author):Martin Gaenszle
Ichchha Purna
Description:This is an account of the major Chintang festival, the Wadhanmi, which is performed in the month of Mangsir (around early December) and lasts for six days.
The aim of the project is to provide a rich linguistic and ethnographic documentation of two highly endangered but almost totally undocumented languages in eastern Nepal, Chintang and Puma. These languages belong to the Kiranti family of Tibeto-Burman. Chintang is spoken by the Chintang Rai in Chintang Village Development Committee (VDC) of Dhankuta district. Puma is spoken by the Puma Rai in Diplung, Mauwabote and Pauwasera VDCs, to the south of Khotang bazar in Khotang district. Both these districts are situated in the eastern hilly part of the country.http://www.cpdp.uzh.ch
The Nuwagi ritual is an important harvest ritual: only after it is performed can the first grains be consumed. The chapter describes the ritual procedure of the all day festival which consists of various smaller rites: in particular offerings for Rajdeu, Kholamang, Budhahang, Khipmang and Daijohang.
This pdf file has been written in English but English is not the target language of the study. English is used as a foreign language.
IR and MG collected and wrote it initially and JP expanded and edited it.
Dr. Gaenszle is the researcher in charge of ethnography
She is a principal researcher of this project and her responsiblity is on the ethnographic part of both Chintang and Puma.
Ichchha Purna is the RA for the study of ethnography of Chintang
Publisher:Prof. Dr. Balthasar Bickel
University of Leipzig
Chintang introduction
English language
Subject (ISO639):eng


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Citation: Martin Gaenszle; Judy; Ichchha Purna. 2009-10-30. Prof. Dr. Balthasar Bickel.
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