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Title:nénḡe fathasi
Nen and Kómnzo: two languages of Southern New Guinea
Contributor:Railey Mbäi Abia
Contributor (researcher):Christian Döhler
Contributor (speaker):Abia Bai
Kurai Tawéth
Lucy Néfiyam Abia
Janet Abia
Marua Bai
Ronnie Marua
Steven Nḡranḡér Karémbu
Sékri Karémbu
Coverage:Papua New Guinea
Description:This is a recording of nénḡe fathasi children's holding ceremony. These little feasts are held to celebrate a newborn. Typically guest include people from the mother's side and people from the father's family. Namesakes are also invited. These relatives and namesakes may not hold the baby before this feast. The ceremony always includes the same elements: the mother is hiding with the child behind a curtain made of coconut leafes, cloth or a mat. Two or three individuals are then cutting open the curtain. The mother passes the baby to them, but instead of holding the baby right away they trick the baby and only hold them the third time. Then everybody get a turn holding the child up high and giving him/her a kiss. This is usually accompanied by singing. Little gifts are often given to the mother or the child. This particular nénḡe fathasi took place in Rouku Gunana, a little settlement 2km West of Rouku GPS: -8.698717 141.579. The two children were born to mother's from there. One of the mothers is a sister from the Mayawa clan and hence all Mayawas from Rouku came. the last two videos include announcements made in either Anta or Wära. Although Rouku Gunana is a Farem settlement and according to local views ought to speak Kómnzo, a number of individual speak mostly Wära or Anta due to their own upbringing. recorded with a Canon G12
This project focuses on collecting multimedia documentation of two undescribed Papuan languages of the Morehead-Maro family: Nen (Nambu subgroup) and Kómnzo (Tonda subgroup).
Kómnzo, Wära
Publisher:Christian Döhler
The Australian National University
Wára language
English language
Subject (ISO639):tci


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Citation: Christian Döhler (researcher); Abia Bai (speaker); Kurai Tawéth (speaker); Lucy Néfiyam Abia (speaker); Janet Abia (speaker); Marua Bai (speaker); Railey Mbäi Abia; Ronnie Marua (speaker); Steven Nḡranḡér Karémbu (speaker); Sékri Karémbu (speaker). 2012-10-12. Christian Döhler.
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