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Documentation Summits in the Central Mountains of Papua
Contributor:Sonja Riesberg
Contributor (speaker):Seti
Nenek Mabel
Isak Wandik
Description:Women are chatting while cooking in a honai. This session contains 4 recordings: women_in_honai_1; women_in_honai_2; women_in_honai_3; women_in_honai_4, all of which have been recorded with an internal (int) and external (ext) microfon.
Yali is a Trans-New Guinea language, belonging to the Dani subgroup. It is spoken in the highland area east of Wamena. The data within this corpus comes from two sources: Most of the data consists of recordings made during the project phase of the Volkwagen sponsored "Summits" project. These comprise data from two Yali dialects, Apahapsili-Yali and Angguruk-Yali. However, this corpus also contains old recorings made by the German missionary Siegfried Zöllner, who has been working in the Angguruk area since the early 1960ies. These recordings have been digitized and (re-) transcribed within this project.
Women are chatting while cooking in a honai.
Seti and her sister in law (no further information) are wearing head mounted microfones. Also present Isak Wandik (women_in_honai_1 only), Seti's older sister (no further information), Ana and some other children.
SR is the project manager of the "Summits" project.
Born in and lives in Apahapsili.
Isak was born in Masahangguli but lives in Apahapsili.
Publisher:Sonja Riesberg, Nikolaus Himmelmann
Universität zu Köln, Allgemeine Sprachwissenschaft
English language
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Citation: Sonja Riesberg; Seti (speaker); Nenek Mabel (speaker); Ana (speaker); Isak Wandik (speaker). 2015-09-04. Sonja Riesberg, Nikolaus Himmelmann.
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