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Title:Plant names
Morehead: Languages of Southern New Guinea
Contributor (researcher):Professor Nicholas Evans
Contributor (speaker):Jimmy Nébni
Michael (Binzawa) Idaba
Bernda Aramang
Pastor Sobae Gange
Pastor Blag Teräb
Coverage:Papua New Guinea
Description:Recorded at Bimadbn, 13/9/2011: purpose was to get parallel pronunciations from a number of speakers. At first there were three: Jimmy Nébni, Michael Binzawa and Bernda Wlila; later Pastor Sobae joined us, and finally Pastor Blag. Individual differences are clearly audible; JN and MB attributed some of this to the fact that Sobae is more of an Idi speaker than a Nen speaker. These files go right through the list of plant names recorded on this field trip (c. 250 names), without giving English translations, but following the order in Nen notebook (nqn2011NE-N5.pdf), pp. 20-29. (A few were omitted if already recorded – e.g. 2 species with the same name – and transcriptions of a few were changed in the course of the recording). Keywordsː Plants; Elicitation
This project focuses on collecting multimedia documentation of multiple undescribed Papuan languages – Nen and Nambu (Morehead-Maro) and Kmntso (Tonda). Other nearby languages will have varrying degrees of description, including Idi, Nama, and Neme. All of these languages belong to an almost completely unknown family in Southern New Guinea. Based at the Australian National University in Canberra, plus collaborations with the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology in Leipzig, the Friedrich-Schiller-Universität Jena, and the PNG National Herbarium, the project will embed a German PhD student (Christian Döhler) in a team including a seasoned field linguist (Nick Evans) and a post-doc (Julia Colleen Miller), two Germany-based typologists (Bernard Comrie and Volker Gast) from the FAUST (Future Archive User Simulation Team), plus participation on targeted fieldtrips by ethnobiologist Chris Healey (ANU) and botanist Kipiro Damas (PNG National Herbarium, Madang). Particular foci of the documentation will be the natural world (especially ethnobotany and ethnoornithology), swidden cultivation, fire management and ethnoecology, mythology, auto-ethnography, ethnomathematics, and microvariation in language use in a situation of daily multilingualism.nichola
Publisher:Professor Nicholas Evans
The Australian National University
Nen language
English language
Subject (ISO639):nqn


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Citation: Professor Nicholas Evans (researcher); Jimmy Nébni (speaker); Michael (Binzawa) Idaba (speaker); Bernda Aramang (speaker); Pastor Sobae Gange (speaker); Pastor Blag Teräb (speaker). 2011-09-13. Professor Nicholas Evans.
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