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Fibbie Tatti’s and Jane Modest’s experiences growing up in Délı̨nę (28:14 min)
Contributor (consultant):Modeste
Description:This is a lively conversation with a lot of laughter and rich gestural data between Fibbie Tatti and Jane Modeste. They share different stories from their childhood in Délı̨nę. A list of the topics covered in the conversation can be found below. 15 min of the conversation between Fibbie Tatti and Jane Modeste were transcribed in Dene and translated into English by Fibbie Tatti and Ingeborg S.Fink (see How we grew up in Délı̨nę 1 – Part 1) List of Topics covered in the conversation How did you come into community? Fibbie was raised in the community by her grandfather. There were six people in her house who were in hospital due to a Tbc epidemic. Jane talked about Modeste side of family, Baton family, born and raised on the land with two elder brothers, small church, school with two classrooms, small northern store, everybody spoke Dene, Fibbie skating out on lake in moonlight, visit elders and work for them to give a message to them, plates for elders, ask for hammer got shells, talk about chores during and after school, getting wood during lunch time, water in the evening, where people lived, Chinese yolk for water, Jane stealing flashlights from elders, there was no power in town, food came by birch boat across the lake – everyone was waiting for boat or plane to arrive, talking about movies, about getting little fish and wood, there were no toys, elders telling legends was like watching TV, they played moose skin ball, talk about passage for women and men, first visit of Tlicho, Jane is talking about building nursing station, very first one, 1965 Viktor Bayone was chief, talking about dances - had to take younger sisters, school concert for Christmas at church or mission or school, how they took care of dogs, how dark it was, attend church at 7 every evening, how they used to visit each other all the time, bringing prophet Naidzo to church, first truck in town, had a trailer on the back, kids were on there, one kid fell down, talking about breakfast program at the school - protein biscuits– too hard, soaked them in water, cooked on both sides with lard and jam, happiness, fun laughter between people, no gossip in the houses – Dene Law, no alcohol out on the land, in 60ties, 70ties – not TV or radio, only at big events like Christmas, learned from different families and elders (making dry fish, sewing), play cards on Friday night, they knew that kids were save, everybody had something for us to do, used to sew at night in candle light, sliding down at different areas, huge snow drifts that are not there anymore, sometimes up do the side of the houses, borrowed sledge from elders (used it for wood), introduction of Halloween, used to jump from ice piece to ice piece at break up
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Language:North Slavey; Slavey, North
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Publisher:The Language Archive, Max Planck Institute for Psycholinguistics
Subject:North Slavey language
Slavey, North
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