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ISO 639-3: naj

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Other known names and dialect names: Nalou

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Language descriptions

  1. ONLINEGlottolog 3.3 Resources for Nalu. n.a. 2018. Max Planck Institute for the Science of Human History. oai:glottolog.org:nalu1240

Other resources about the language

  1. ONLINENine stories. p046; p001; p003. 2011-04-21. Frank Seidel. oai:soas.ac.uk:MPI1009457
  2. ONLINEFive stories. p049; p003; p001. 2011-04-16. Frank Seidel. oai:soas.ac.uk:MPI1009446
  3. ONLINE10 stories. p002; p087; p055; p035; p003; p001. 2011-04-27. Frank Seidel. oai:soas.ac.uk:MPI1009476
  4. ONLINEA story told by p064. p003; p064; p001. 2011-05-15. Frank Seidel. oai:soas.ac.uk:MPI1009482
  5. ONLINEPreparation and pep talk for the soccer team "Panthères de Kamatus". n.a. 2011-04-20. Frank Seidel. oai:soas.ac.uk:MPI1009487
  6. ONLINEFrog Story by p015. p015; p002; p003; p001. 2011-03-15. Frank Seidel. oai:soas.ac.uk:MPI1009485
  7. ONLINEA short ethnographic documentary on dam fishing.. p095. 2012-03-28. Frank Seidel. oai:soas.ac.uk:MPI1009490
  8. ONLINEItinerant trading and homecoming. p002; p027; p003; p001. 2011-03-20. Frank Seidel. oai:soas.ac.uk:MPI1009496
  9. ONLINEp015 on varios topics. p015; p002; p003; p001. 2011-03-15. Frank Seidel. oai:soas.ac.uk:MPI1009493
  10. ONLINESongs and stories. p047; p048; p049; p003; p001. 2011-04-14. Frank Seidel. oai:soas.ac.uk:MPI1009403
  11. ONLINEDescription of the festivities of the mac. p003; p001; p002; p024; p090. 2011-03-19. Frank Seidel. oai:soas.ac.uk:MPI1009400
  12. ONLINEAn impromptu recording of songs. p050; p051; p052; p053; p003; p001. 2011-04-14. Frank Seidel. oai:soas.ac.uk:MPI1009412
  13. ONLINESix short stories by p015. p015; p002; p003; p001. 2011-02-27. Frank Seidel. oai:soas.ac.uk:MPI1009423
  14. ONLINEStories by p010, p012 and a rant by p011. p010; p011; p012; p002; p003; p001. 2011-02-22. Frank Seidel. oai:soas.ac.uk:MPI1009420
  15. ONLINEA Personal History of p075. p075; p004; p090; p001. 2012-03-10. Frank Seidel. oai:soas.ac.uk:MPI1009425
  16. ONLINETwo stories. p001; p047; p003. 2011-04-15. Frank Seidel. oai:soas.ac.uk:MPI1009437
  17. ONLINEThe hyena and the guinea fowl. p083; p004; p002; p090; p001. 2012-03-15. Frank Seidel. oai:soas.ac.uk:MPI1009335
  18. ONLINEHow Islam came to Katoufoura. p086; p001; p002; p004; p090. 2012-03-16. Frank Seidel. oai:soas.ac.uk:MPI1009340
  19. ONLINEA history of Katoufoura, its sacred places, and its clans. p078; p002; p004; p001. 2012-03-13. Frank Seidel. oai:soas.ac.uk:MPI1009327
  20. ONLINEA Personal History of p075. p075; p004; p090; p001. 2012-03-10. Frank Seidel. oai:soas.ac.uk:MPI1009311
  21. ONLINEThree stories. p071; p004; p003. 2012-03-11. Frank Seidel. oai:soas.ac.uk:MPI1009313
  22. ONLINEA Nalu history. p004; p070; p094; p090. 2012-03-13. Frank Seidel. oai:soas.ac.uk:MPI1009318
  23. ONLINEMalady and sorcery. p035; p003; p001. 2011-04-22. Frank Seidel. oai:soas.ac.uk:MPI1009395
  24. ONLINEThe architectural styles of Koukouba and the building of a house.. p027; p026; p002; p003; p001. 2011-04-04. Frank Seidel. oai:soas.ac.uk:MPI1009391
  25. ONLINEFrog Story by p025. p025; p003; p001; p002. 2011-03-19. Frank Seidel. oai:soas.ac.uk:MPI1009385
  26. ONLINEFrog Story by p063. p063; p002; p003; p001. 2011-04-22. Frank Seidel. oai:soas.ac.uk:MPI1009388
  27. ONLINEFrog Story by p024. p024; p002; p001; p003. 2011-03-19. Frank Seidel. oai:soas.ac.uk:MPI1009382
  28. ONLINEA conversation between three people. p027; p002; p026; p003; p001. 2011-03-15. Frank Seidel. oai:soas.ac.uk:MPI1009378
  29. ONLINEA short ethnographic documentary on net fishing and songs by the fishing group.. p001. Unknown. Frank Seidel. oai:soas.ac.uk:MPI1009371
  30. ONLINEp080 on soccer in Katoufoura and other topics. p080; p002; p003; p004; p001. 2012-03-17. Frank Seidel. oai:soas.ac.uk:MPI1009362
  31. ONLINEp072 and p069 on receiving a blood pressure meter for the hospital of Katoufoura.. p072; p002; p004; p069. 2012-03-09. Frank Seidel. oai:soas.ac.uk:MPI1009308
  32. ONLINEp092 on his studies and his plans after school. p090; p001; p002; p004; p092. 2012-03-01. Frank Seidel. oai:soas.ac.uk:MPI1009303
  33. ONLINEp091 on various topics. p091; p002; p004; p090; p001. 2012-03-02. Frank Seidel. oai:soas.ac.uk:MPI1009306
  34. ONLINETwo stories by guests from Katoufoura in Kabaak (Kaback). p003. 2011-04-03. Frank Seidel. oai:soas.ac.uk:MPI1009520
  35. ONLINESeveral stories. p047; p048; p003; p001. 2013-04-22. Frank Seidel. oai:soas.ac.uk:MPI1009525
  36. ONLINEFriday prayer in Nalu. p001; p065; p003. 2011-04-04. Frank Seidel. oai:soas.ac.uk:MPI1009516
  37. ONLINEPublic announcements during an islamic sacrifice (fidao) in honor of a deceased. p077; p074; p001. 2012-03-10. Frank Seidel. oai:soas.ac.uk:MPI1009513
  38. ONLINEA settlement history of Koukouba. p002; p055; p003; p001. 2011-04-27. Frank Seidel. oai:soas.ac.uk:MPI1009510
  39. ONLINEA settlement history of Katoufoura. p044; p002; p003; p001. 2011-04-20. Frank Seidel. oai:soas.ac.uk:MPI1009507
  40. ONLINENalu: a language of Guinea. n.a. 2018. SIL International. oai:ethnologue.com:naj
  41. ONLINELINGUIST List Resources for Nalu. Damir Cavar, Director of Linguist List (editor); Malgorzata E. Cavar, Director of Linguist List (editor). 2017-09-27. The LINGUIST List (www.linguistlist.org). oai:linguistlist.org:lang_naj

Other known names and dialect names: Nalou

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