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Title:AHF Oral history Workshop 2.14.06
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Description:AHF Oral history Workshop 2.14.06 Ben Neeley Interview questions, talks about what kinds of housing he lived in during hunting season, talks about the difference between now and when he was growing up, talks about what was used for blankets, talks about what the fish camps used to look like, talks about who would go hunting with him, talks about the first time he see a fish wheel and his first thoughts about it, Markle Pete Interview questions, talks about self, talks about the things we are loosing as native people, talks about the things that have changed and are changing, talks about why they named places chitna, tonsina, dadina, nadina, Klutina, Tazlina, Gulkana, Gakona, talks about how hunting changed, talks about the kinds of cooking stoves and heating stoves they had, talks about the sweat houses, talks about how the houses were heated before stoves, Lemmie Charley Interview question talks about what they used for clothing and the tools, talks about the kinds of tools they had for sewing and what kind of tools they had for building buildings and the other kinds of tools, ends after 0:40 minutes, . Language as given:
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DateStamp:  2006-02-14
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