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Title:Syllabic inventory: recording of a table of attested syllables
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Contributor (annotator):Michaud, Alexis
Contributor (depositor):Michaud, Alexis
Contributor (researcher):Michaud, Alexis
He, Likun
Contributor (sponsor):Centre national de la recherche scientifique
Contributor (transcriber):Michaud, Alexis
Contributor (translator):Michaud, Alexis
Date Available (W3CDTF):2016-05-03
Date Issued (W3CDTF):2018-11-09T17:44:43+01:00
Date Modified (W3CDTF):2022-02-25
Description:This is a recording of the syllables found in this dialect of Naxi. Each syllable is said at least two times; often three or four times. The phonemic analysis on which this recording is based is the following: Michaud, Alexis & Likun He. 2015. Phonemic and tonal analysis of the Pianding dialect of Naxi (Dadong County, Lijiang Municipality). Cahiers de Linguistique - Asie Orientale 44(1). 1–35 plus online Appendices. Note that not all syllables were recorded: after recording, it was noticed that there also exist the following syllables: /pɚ˩/ 拔; /vɚ˩vɚ˧/ 有嚼劲; /cʰwæ˧/ (Chinese loanword) 圈; /cwæ˧/ (Chinese loanword) 卷; /ndzɿ̠˧/ 唱; /ljæ˧ (Chinese loanword) 两; /ŋe˥/ (Chinese loanword) 硬; /ŋɤ˧/ 我的; /ŋʋ̩˩/ 银; /ŋæ˩ (Chinese loanword) 挨; /ŋɑ˩/ 我; /tɚ˥/ 关; /tɯ˞˧/ 起疹; /twæ˧/ (Chinese loanword) 端; /tjɤ˧/ 使辛苦; /tje˧˥/ (Chinese loanword) 碟; /tjæ˧/ (Chinese loanword) 点; /tjɑ˧/ (Chinese loanword) 叼; /çwæ˥/ (Chinese loanword) 炫; /cʰɑ˧˥/ (Chinese loanword) 家; /ɟʏ˧/ 存在动词; /ɲɟʏ˧/ 硬.
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Identifier:Ancienne cote: crdo-NXQ_PIANDING_SYLLABLES
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Language (ISO639):nxq
License (URI):http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-sa/2.5/
Publisher:Laboratoire de langues et civilisations à tradition orale
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Rights:Copyright (c) Michaud, Alexis
Subject:Naxi language
Subject (ISO639):nxq
Type (DCMI):Text
Type (Discourse):dialogue
Type (OLAC):lexicon


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Citation: Michaud, Alexis (depositor); Michaud, Alexis (researcher); He, Likun (researcher); Centre national de la recherche scientifique (sponsor); Michaud, Alexis (transcriber); Michaud, Alexis (annotator); Michaud, Alexis (translator). 2018. Laboratoire de langues et civilisations à tradition orale.
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