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Title:Distinguished Pedagogical LEarning and TEaching Corpora: Reflective Teaching Journals.
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Audience:Researchers or teachers in educational sciences or linguistics
Bibliographic Citation:Wigham, C.R. & Chanier, T. (2013) Pedagogical corpus: Reflective Teaching Journals. Mulce.org : Clermont Université. [oai : mulce.org:mce-peda-rtjournals ; http://repository.mulce.org].
Contributor (compiler):Wigham Ciara
Contributor (depositor):Chanier Thierry
Contributor (editor):Wigham Ciara R.
Contributor (researcher):Wigham Ciara R ; Chanier Thierry
Creator:Wigham, C.R. ; Chanier T.
Date Created (W3CDTF):2013-08-15
Description:This pedagogical corpus, its resources and tasks have been designed for pre-service language teachers and teacher trainers. Whilst the activities are in English, in this version of the corpus (July 2013) the resources are in French. Target users must thus be proficient in the French language.
Objectives: identify language tutors' and students' differing views of successful collaboration; summarise the characteristics of successful collaboration and produce a list of implications for practice; appraise the advantages of keeping a teaching journal; compare and contrast reflections from a teaching journal with naturally occuring data (interaction tracks) and researcher-provoked data (student feedback) to analyse whether teachers should base reflections about teaching practice solely on journal entries and personal reactions.
The basis of this pedagogical corpus, is a teaching journal held by an EFL language tutor Tim Lewis during the Copéas course which he taught online in 2006. The tutor had no prior experience of online language teaching. The aim of the course was for students to develop skills for working with partners in the distance learning field. Students analysed educative websites and proposed a guide in their foreign language (English) for designing these. The students, who were studying a Master's programme in Open and Distance Education at the Université de Franche Comté, met online with their tutor eight times during the course. These sessions lasted for between 60 and 80 minutes and were held in the online environment Lyceum. The students were false beginners of English. Their previous study of English dated back to between five and 30 years prior to the course.
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Identifier: mce-peda-rtjournals
Identifier (URI):http://mulce.univ-bpclermont.fr/mulcepf/MulceArchives/Copeas/Corpus_objets/mce-peda-rtjournals/
Language (ISO639):eng
Publisher: Mulce.org ; Universite Blaise Pascal ; France ; http://mulce.org ; http://repository.mulce.org
References: Lewis, T. (2009). When Teaching is Learning: A Personal Account of Learning to Teach Online. LETEC Corpus in the Copéas collection. Chanier, T. (editor). Mulce.org : Clermont Université. [oai : mulce.org:mce-copeas-reflexive-tutor-all ; http://repository.mulce.org].
Chanier, T., Reffay, C., Betbeder, M-L., Ciekanski, M. and Lamy, M-N. (2009) . LETEC (Learning and Teaching Corpus) Copéas. Mulce.org : Clermont Université. [oai : mulce.org:mce-copeas-letec-all ; http://repository.mulce.org].
Requires: mce-archi21-letec-all
Rights: Rights holders of this corpus are: Thierry Chanier ; Ciara R Wigham ; licence = http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/
Rights (URI):http://lrl-diffusion.univ-bpclermont.fr/mulce/metadata/mce_LETECorpus-en.pdf
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Subject:English language
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Education, Data processing,
Language and languages
Oral communication
Study and teaching
Subject (OLAC):applied_linguistics
Temporal Coverage:name=Copeas course ; start=2005-01-17; end=2005-03-08
Type (DCMI):Dataset
Type (Discourse):dialogue
Type (OLAC):primary_text


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