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Title:Anna Porfir’evna’s memories // Воспоминания Анны Порфирьевны
Documentation of Negidal, a nearly extinct Northern Tungusic language of the Lower Amur
Contributor:E. Kalinina
N. Sumbatova
Contributor (annotator):N. Sumbatova
B. Pakendorf
Contributor (depositor):N. Aralova
Contributor (speaker):A.P. Nadeina
D.I. Nadeina
Contributor (translator):G.I. Kandakova
Description:This recording was made by Elena Kalinina and Nina Sumabtova from Anna Porfir’evna Nadeina and Daria Ivanovna Nadeina in 2006. The first seven minutes of it were transcribed and translated by Nina Sumbatova with the help of Galina Ivanovna Kandakova. In 2018, Brigitte Pakendorf transcribed the whole recording in ELAN, glossed it, and checked questions with Galina Ivanovna Kandakova. In this recording Anna Porfir’evjna is telling about several topics, starting with a ruined church near where she grew up (possibly on the Duki river), mentioning the massacre of Tryapicyn, a Red Guard partisan, and a famine, remembering old settlements and a fire where some people died. Briefly she tells about a cannibal dog (which turned into an evil spirit). She also tells about her language skills: in the childhood she used to speak only Nanai, but at the moment of the recording she forgot most of it, even though she was still able to count in Nanai. At the end she tells how she was supposed to go study at the Pedagogical Institute in Leningrad, but was kept back by her parents, and remembers the fate of the first Negidal men who finished the Pedagogical Institute. Daria Ivanovna Nadeina is also present, she comments on many details in Russian and asks her mother questions. // Эта запись была сделана Еленой Калининой и Ниной Сумбатовой от Анны Порфирьевны и Дарьи Ивановны Надеиных в 2006 году. Анна Порфирьевна рассказывает о разных случаях из своей жизни: она начанает воспоминания рассказом о разрушенной церкви недалеко от места, где она выросла (вероятно на реке Дуки), упоминает резню при Тряпицыне и голод, упоминает старые поселения и пожар, в котором умерло много людей. Также коротко рассказывает о собаке-людоеде (которая превратилась в злого духа). Она также рассказывает о своих языковых способностях: в детстве она говорила по-нанайски, но на момент записи она уже почти забыла этот язык, хотя все еще помнила нанайский счет. В конце записи она рассказывает, что имела возможность уехать в Ленинград на учебу в Педагогическом Институте, но родители оставили ее дома. Она также рассказывает о судьбах первых негидальцев, которые его закончили.
This project focuses on the documentation of Negidal, a highly moribund Northern Tungusic language spoken by at most a handful of individuals on the Amgun’ and Lower Amur rivers in the Russian Federation. The language comprises two dialects, Upper and Lower Negidal, of which the latter might already be extinct. The project will result primarily in an extensive corpus of interlinearized texts from the Upper dialect together with accompanying audio recordings.
Anna P. Nadeina was born in October 1916. Her father was a Negidal, her mother, who died when she was six, a Nanai. She has only minimal education ("likbez", literacy school), and worked in the village bakery, as a cleaner in the school, and in the kindergarten laundry.She is the mother of Daria and Tamara Nadeina, Galina Kandakova, and Ljubov' Oxlopkova.
Worked in the kindergarten as teacher and director, worked as a schoolteacher, in a shop, and also in the village administration. Is very active in maintaining Negidal culture and the language.
Linguist involved in data collection 2005-2010.
Worked as a librarian and in the village "club" (the venue for all cultural activities).
Linguist working on previously collected data.
Identifier (URI):https://lat1.lis.soas.ac.uk/ds/asv?openpath=MPI1144702%23
Publisher:Brigitte Pakendorf
DDL, CNRS & Université Lyon 2
English language
Russian language
Negidal language
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Citation: A.P. Nadeina (speaker); D.I. Nadeina (speaker); E. Kalinina; N. Sumbatova; N. Sumbatova (annotator); G.I. Kandakova (translator); B. Pakendorf (annotator); N. Aralova (depositor). 2006-08-22. Brigitte Pakendorf.
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